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きらきら パーティクル アクティビティ

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きらきら パーティクル アクティビティ

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カスタム アクティビティ

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This is an activity that displays particles (particle-like objects represented by computer graphics) on the screen. Displaying your favorite particles at the completion of the run will make you feel a little happier.



There are three activities included in this package.

1. "Particle Scope" Activity

This is the parent activity to be placed when displaying particles.
If you just place this activity, nothing will be displayed, but if you place the "Display Particle" activity inside this activity, the particles will be displayed.

2. "Show Particles" Activity

This activity is used to display particles on the screen.
The "Particle Type" and "Auto Hidden Time" can be specified by properties.
Even if the "Auto Hidden Time" property is set, the particles will be cleared when they go out of the "Particle Scope" activity.

If you want the particles to always be displayed while the process is running, do not set the "Auto Hidden Time" property, but describe the rest of the automated process in the "Particle Scope" activity. (The "Invoke Workflow File" activity is also possible.

If you want to display a particle in celebration for a certain amount of time after the process is completed, combine it with the "Wait" activity or the "Message Box" activity.

3. "Hidden Particles" Activity

This activity is used to delete the particles displayed on the screen.


公開日: 2021-03-19T08:20:10+00:00 | 更新日: 2021-03-19T08:20:10+00:00

Masaaki Yoshida
UiPath Japan MVP 2020

Tokyo, Japan


Apache 2.0


C#, Visual Basic



UiPath Studio 2019.10 or later version UiPath StudioX 2020.4 or later version