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Accelirate Services for UiPath Document Processing

Accelirate Services for UiPath Document Processing

by Accelirate, Inc.



Managing daily correspondence can be demanding in the binary era of modern business. 

Accelirate IDP™ is your dedicated partner, offering expert services to optimize document processing.

Automation Assessment:

Our team of experts assesses the right automation potential in your manual document processing tasks.

We identify areas for optimization through a dedicated SOP, enhancing efficiency without compromising accuracy.

Tailored AI Models:

Need custom AI models for various document types? 

Our skilled AI experts create high-performing ML models tailored to your specific needs. 

This service ensures precision and adaptability in your document understanding journey. 

Insights and Dashboards:

Our insights and dashboards empower you to measure the potential and impact of our services, facilitating informed decisions for effective scaling and helping you gain a comprehensive view of document processing.

Seamless Business Integration:

Experience seamless integration of document processing automation into your existing applications and workflows. 

Our service ensures streamlined and efficient business processes, minimizing disruptions.

Our Document Understanding services are designed to save time, minimize errors and elevate the precision of document processing. 

Explore how Accelirate IDP™ can enhance your document landscape through innovative and customized services. Contact us today for efficient document management solutions.

Skills / Expertise

Skills / Expertise

Accelirate excels in RPA, AI, and end-to-end Intelligent Automation, standing out as a trusted UiPath partner across

the U.S., Colombia, and India. 

Our strengths include a proven track record in Document Understanding, certified UiPath Developers, pioneering AI experts, adept Solution Architects, and a relentless focus on process automation. 

From discovery to post-deployment support, we ensure a successful automation journey for enterprises.


Accelirate, Inc.

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January 24, 2024


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UiPath Document Understanding


Phone: +1 (877) 657-6006



Accelirate Document Processing Capability SLA: Thorough Assessment and Tailored Recommendations: Accelirate commits to a comprehensive assessment of client requirements, providing tailored document processing recommendations based on industry best practices. Confidentiality Guarantee: Accelirate ensures the utmost confidentiality of client data. No information will be shared with third parties without explicit permission.


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