Accelirated Process Discovery

Accelirated Process Discovery

by Accelirate, Inc.



At Accelirate, we understand that realizing value is the main objective for all automation programs. Discovery can often be a long process and add to the overall cost of a program, so our philosophy is to conduct a value-first approach to discovery. We do this by looking for opportunities in areas that have the highest potential for automation. This cuts down on time and resources and returns the highest value opportunities for automation development. As part of our value-first approach, we utilize discovery tools that both enhance results while also keeping business disruption to an absolute minimum. Interactive dashboards allow discovery data to be ingested, and advanced analytics help find the best opportunities within an enterprise.

To maintain an efficient automation program, it is essential to establish a process discovery practice. Without a systematic technique for identifying opportunities within an organization, time and resources will be spent on automation that does not offer the firm a comparable return on investment. Additionally, it is crucial to link the advantages of automation to more general business goals.

Our business analysts created dynamic questionnaires for a quick and low-impact connection between the automation team and the subject matter expert knowledge base. Process and Task Mining are also added to give greater process insights and visibility to the business on their processes while uncovering pain points. Tools we use to Accelerate our Process Discovery

  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Process and Task Mining Tools
  • Dynamic Questionnaires


  • Establish value-based thresholds for deciding potential discovery targets.
  • 4 Week Discovery Sprints per high-value discovery target.
  • Fixed Price for Discovery Engagement per High-Value Discovery Target.
  • Emphasis on low SME time consumption, accomplished using dynamic questionnaires.

Skills / Expertise

Skills / Expertise

Accelirate, in collaboration with UiPath, leads in RPA, AI, Intelligent Automation, Automation Hub, and Process Mining. They drive business efficiency through advanced technologies across industries.


Accelirate, Inc.

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January 24, 2024


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Accelirate will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the client's existing processes, systems, and operations. The review will encompass all areas identified by the client and those recommended by Accelirate based on preliminary discussions. All recommendations will be based on industry best practices and tailored to the client's specific needs and context. Accelirate guarantees that all client data will be handled confidentially and will not be shared with third parties without explicit permission.


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