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Adobe Acrobat Sign

Adobe Acrobat Sign

by UiPath








Simplify automating processes that use Adobe Acrobat Sign by replacing UI operations with background API calls.



Automate Adobe Sign Interactions with UiPath using Adobe Sign Activities

The Adobe Sign activities empower you to streamline and automate interactions within your Adobe Sign application. With the Adobe Sign API, this comprehensive activities package equips your UiPath robot(s) with the capability to execute a wide range of functions and actions.

Initial Setup and Deployment

Before deploying the Adobe Sign Scope activity to establish a connection, it is imperative to complete the prerequisite steps outlined in the Setup guide. Once these initial setup procedures are accomplished, you can embark on the development of your automation projects.

Overview of AdobeSign Activities Package

The activities that are included in the AdobeSign Activities Package are:

Adobe Sign Scope

This activity facilitates the establishment of an authenticated connection between UiPath and your Adobe Sign resources.

Invoke Adobe Sign Operation

The Invoke Adobe Sign Operation activity allows you to specify any public Adobe Sign API operation and its relevant properties. Following the execution of the operation, the activity provides outputs, such as user-defined variables and request status (success/failure information) within a ResponseStatus object, which can be leveraged in subsequent activities, including conditional logic.

Create Agreement

The Create Agreement activity enables the creation of a basic agreement, which can then be routed for signature. Upon successful completion, the activity yields the newly generated Agreement ID.

Create Transient Document

With the Create Transient Document activity you can generate a transient document that can be utilized in later processes. Upon successful execution, the activity returns the newly created Transient Record ID.

Download Agreement Documents

The Download Agreement Documents activity allows you to download the documents related to an agreement to a folder you choose.

Download Audit Report

The Download Audit Report activity allows you to download the audit report for an agreement to a folder you choose.

Download Combined Agreement Documents

The Download Combined Agreement Documents activity simplifies the process of downloading all documents related to an agreement as a single file to a folder of your choice.

For configuration details regarding each activity in this package, please check the documentation attached in the Resources section.



Features of Adobe Sign Activities Package

The Adobe Sign Activities Package for UiPath can be utilized in multiple common scenarios such as:

  • Agreement Automation - Create and send agreements for signature, streamlining the contract management process.
  • Document Generation and Management - Generate and route documents for approvals, such as HR forms, invoices, and purchase orders.
  • Financial Document Automation - Automate the processing of financial documents, such as loan applications, investment forms, and insurance contracts.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Newtonsoft.JSON >=10.0.3 Google.Apis.Oauth2.v2 >= AdobeSign API

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