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Agilify Exchange Basic Functions

Agilify Exchange Basic Functions

by Agilify Automation






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The Agilify Exchange Basic Functions package utilizes Microsoft's provided libraries to interact with the Exchange web services.




1. Create Exchange Service 2010: Creates an Exchange Service object to be used by other activities

2. Create Exchange Service 365: Creates an Exchange Service object to be used by other activities

3. Create Exchange Service With OAuth: Creates an Exchange Service object to be used by other activities

4. Send Email: Send a regular IPM.Note email message

5. Forward Email: Forwards an email message based on a provided Message ID

6. Search In Folder: Searches the given folder (by that folder's unique ID) applying several filters to narrow down what is returned

7. Search Inbox by Message Class: Search a given exchange inbox by a message's "ItemClass" property

8. Search Folder by Message Class: Search a given exchange folder by a message's "ItemClass" property

9. Search Inbox by Conversation Topic: Searches a given exchange mailbox by Conversation Topic text

10. Search Folder by Conversation Topic: Searches a given folder by Conversation Topic text

11. Download Attachments: Downloads attachments using message ID

12. Add Calendar Appointment: Creates a calendar appointment

13. Delete Email: Deletes an email by using message ID

14. Move Email By Folder ID: Moves an email using the folder and message ID

15. Move Email By Folder Name: Moves an email using the folder name and message ID

16. Reply to Email: 

17. Set Email Categories: Removes all categories and adds back categories provided using message ID

18. Get Email Categories: Returns categories or messaged using message ID

19. Empty Trash: Empties the setup service account's trash

20. Get Email Body: Gets the body of the email using message ID

21. Search Global Address List: Performs a search on the exchange service

22. Update Read Status: Marks status as read or unread using message ID



1. Allows interaction with multiple mailboxes. 2. Does not require installation of the Outlook app on a runtime resource. 3. Offers additional actions not available in Outlook VBO.

Additional Information

Additional Information


BouncyCastle v1.8.5 CsvHelper v15.0.1 Microsoft.ApplicationInsights v2.3.0 Microsoft.CSharp v4.5.0 Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices v2.2.0 Microsoft.Graph v3.8.0 Microsoft.Graph.Core v1.20.1 Microsoft.Identity.Client v4.16.1 MimeKit v2.9.1 Newtonsoft.Json v6.0.1 System.Buffers v4.4.0 System.Diagnostics.DiagnosticSource v4.6.0 System.Memory v4.5.3 System.Numerics.Vectors v4.4.0 System.runtime.CompilerServices.Unsafe v4.5.2 System.threading.Tasks.Extensions v4.5.2 System.ValueTuple v4.3.0

Code Language

C#, Visual Basic


Windows Legacy (.Net Framework 4.6.1)


Agilify Automation

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Oct 27, 2020

Works with

Studio: 20.4.3 - 22.10


Silver Certified


Phone: 317-343-7028

Email: von.miles@agilifyautomation.com

Link: https://www.agilifyautomation.com

Agilify Standard Support


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