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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

by UiPath








Official UiPath activities for Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud resources provisioning, configuration and management: virtual machines EC2 Instances, S3 storage, networking.



Amazon Web Services Activities Package Introduction

The Amazon Web Services Activities Package offers a comprehensive suite of Cloud-related activities designed to enhance your AWS integration and automation capabilities.

Activities in the AWS Activities Package

This package includes the following activities:

  • Amazon Web Services Scope - Connects to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and provides a scope for other AWS activities.
  • S3 \ BucketsCreate Bucket – Creates a new S3 bucket. All public access to this bucket will be blocked by default.
  • Update Bucket Properties – Updates the properties of an existing bucket.
  • Configure Logging for Bucket – Configures the logging settings for the bucket.
  • Empty Bucket – Removes all the content of a bucket.
  • Delete Bucket – Deletes a bucket.
  • Get Bucket – Gets information about a specific bucket.
  • Get Bucket List – Gets the list of buckets in a specific region.
  • Configure Public Access to Bucket – Configures the public access for a bucket.
  • Get Bucket Policy – Gets the bucket policy.
  • Set Bucket Policy – Sets the bucket policy.
  • Delete Bucket Policy – Deletes the current bucket policy.

Cloud \ AWS \ S3 \ ObjectsGet Object

Retrieves the details of the specified object.

  • Delete Single Object – Deletes the specified object.
  • Delete Multiple Objects – Deletes multiple objects at once.
  • Copy Object – Copies an object to another bucket.
  • Upload Object from File – Uploads a file to a bucket.
  • Upload Objects from Folder – Uploads an entire folder to a bucket.
  • Download Object to File – Downloads an object to a specified file.
  • For Each Object in Bucket - Performs an activity or a series of activities on each object in a specified bucket.
  • Set Object ACL – Sets the access control list (ACL) permissions for an object.
  • Get Object ACL – Gets the access control list (ACL) permissions for an object.

Cloud \ AWS \ EC2 \ Instances

  • Create Instance – Creates a new instance.
  • Create Instance from Launch Template - Creates a new instance from a launch template.
  • Get Instance by ID – Gets the details of the specified instance.
  • Get Instance List - Gets the list of instances matching the filter criteria.
  • Start Instance – Starts an instance.
  • Stop Instance – Stops an instance.
  • Reboot Instance – Reboots an instance.
  • Terminate Instance – Terminates an instance.
  • Configure  Robot - Connects the Robot from a given instance to the UiPath Orchestrator.

Workflow Samples:



Benefits of the AWS Activities Package

The Amazon Web Services Activities Package can help organizations automate and optimize their AWS cloud operations, reduce manual tasks, enhance security, and achieve cost savings. It provides the tools needed to efficiently manage AWS resources, IAM identities, policies, and data across various scenarios.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Amazon.Extensions.Configuration.SystemsManager (>= 1.2.0) AWSSDK.Core (>= AWSSDK.EC2 (>= AWSSDK.S3 (>= Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.Abstractions (>= 2.0.2) Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection.Abstractions (>= 2.0.0) Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.Abstractions (>= 2.0.0) Polly (>= 7.2.0) Polly.Contrib.WaitAndRetry (>= 1.0.0)



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June 10, 2024

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