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Attended Robot - Assistant

Attended Robot - Assistant

by Tobias Lint





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A custom activity that enables you to have an Assistant Window in a corner of your screen for updates on what the Robot is doing.



The window will always be on top of your screen and can display short Update Messages on:

  • The Top Panel for a Headline.
  • The Mid-Panel for normal Update Messages.
  • The Low Panel for minor Information.

You can change the color of the Mid-Panel for setting different States of your assistant. For example if you ask the user for something you can change the color to yellow. This will notify the user that some action is required. These are all the possible states so far:

  • Default: Blue
  • Success: Green
  • Warn: Red
  • Prompt User: Yellow

Besides that there are some additional features:

  • Set the Opacity Setting to True so the Window is transparent with 65%. This is disabled by default
  • The Window can be moved on the screen by click and drag into the Top or Low Panel.
  • The size of the Window can be set from the size setting to 5 different sizes. The Window can also be resized on the screen by click and drag into one of the corners of the Window. All the text shown in the Assistant will be resized accordingly.
  • Add a Delay if you want the Window to stay in its current state
  • Add a Button to the Window for quick responds to any of the mentioned states
  • Add a Progress Bar to the Window for showing a continuous progression to any of the mentioned states

Similar functionalities will be added in the future.

For any suggestions, bug or additions to the activity please contact me.



This activity makes it possible to have a window that stays on top of the screen while another task is processed or waits till a Delay Duration has run out. You can give short Update Messages, a button for quick Responds or a Progress Bar to the user interacting with the Robot.

Additional Information

Additional Information


No Dependencies

Code Language

Visual Basic


Windows Legacy (.Net Framework 4.6.1)


Tobias Lint

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February 18, 2020

Works with

Studio: 21.10 - 22.10


Silver Certified


UiPath Community Support

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