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Oracle Bot-Builder

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AuraPlayer's Oracle Bot-Builder is a BOT integration tool. It plugs directly into the UiPath Studio menu bar and allows to import the Oracle workflows directly into UiPath as sequences.



Solution Details 

AuraPlayer's Oracle Bot-Builder is the only automation tool made specifically with Oracle technology in mind. It does not use screen scraping or image capture. Instead, its unique technology performs the automation on component level but on the server-side, making these automations immune to UI changes, EBS patches, unexpected pop-ups, and error messages. In addition, AuraPlayer's Oracle Bot-Builder does “headless” playback on the server-side enabling it to run concurrent processes without the need for a virtual client or locking the end-users desktop. This leads to more stable and performant automations for even the most complex Oracle business processes. It plugs directly into the UiPath Studio menu bar and allows to import Oracle workflows directly into UiPath as sequences.

Download the Auraplayer Plug-in if you are looking for stable, seamless, and smooth automation for any Oracle backend application.

Licensing Information

The basic Oracle Bot-Builder license comes complete with an AuraPlayer license to create unlimited Oracle RPA bots. Once the RPA processes have been captured in AuraPlayer, they can be easily imported as UiPath sequences for further enrichment and development within UiPath Studio. The basic license fee includes the development and runtime of RPA flows created. In addition, AuraPlayer's $2,500 setup fee includes an AuraPlayer expert installation, configuration of the AuraPlayer Service Manager, and 10 hours of professional services to help get you started.

● Import unlimited workflows into the UiPath studio

● Unlimited developers and end users of the BOTs

● Includes AuraPlayer's UiPath studio plug-in

● S&M*** for the year



  • Creates Oracle EBS Bots using a process capture wizard (recording toolbar).
  • Resides on UiPath Studio toolbar (see image) to import workflows and generate the sequence in minutes.
  • The resulting Oracle EBS BOT is robust to UI changes and EBS patches.
  • Automatic Support for customizations, dynamic Popups, and Oracle Error Messages.
  • Supports complex Oracle EBS components automatically out-of-the-box.

Additional Information

Additional Information


AuraPlayer does not require any special hardware or software to run. It leverages your existing Oracle investments into the RPA world. Oracle EBS from version 12.1 and up and Oracle Forms version 10g and up are supported. As well as, all major database software including Oracle, Postgress, Hana, SQL server, and MySQL are all supported out of the box.



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December 6, 2022


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Our License Terms and full SLA can be found at: Or feel free to contact Tamar at for licensing information and additional questions.


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