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Automated Cash Application with ARIA




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ARIA for Cash Application is a SaaS application that customers can subscribe to. The Solution integrates directly with the customer’s ERP systems and business rules.



ARIA for Cash Application is a SaaS application that customers can subscribe to. The Solution integrates directly with customer’s ERP systems and business rules to deliver a high degree of automation without the need to make process changes.

Automation-first approach

ARIA for Cash Application is unique since it combines the flexibility and power of Intelligent Automation with the convenience of subscribing to a point solution using Software as a Service model.

It helps you automate up to 80% cash posting and deduction coding.

Advanced Intelligent Automation technology optimizes matching success rate and leverages deep integration with your systems and applications for optimal results.

Why is this solution so transformative?

This solution stands out from any other solution in the market because it leverages best of breed automation technology combined in an easy to consume package. This results in a high degree of automation at an affordable price.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): The solution leverages RPA. This ensures that the data is fetched, validated and processed within your environment and your systems. You don't need to build API’s or perform manual tasks to send the data to the solution. Our aim is to automate all the work related to the process. RPA helps achieve that.
  • Intelligent Document Processing: The solution leverages Hyperscience Machine Learning document understanding. This part of the solution can tackle difficult document sets like handwritten checks or remittance slips effectively with high accuracy.
  • ARIA User Experience: The solution is deployed with a central user experience portal that allows users to quickly follow the progress of what has been processed and review any exceptions. Processing exceptions effectively significantly increases productivity. The possibility to handle a business rule exception in less than a minute with no need to collect data from multiple systems or process the transaction after the exception is resolved speeds up the remaining cases that require oversight. With ARIA for Cash Application you gain the most powerful all-in-one automation solution.

UiPath will be listing the items using the ARIA API that are being automated where the business user will have visibility to the performed work and will be able to correct exceptions and interact with UiPath for the items that require Human in the loop.



  • Any ERP system
  • Human in the loop exception handling
  • Central workflow experience
  • Powerful analytics and alerting
  • Fully managed and always up to date solutions
  • Secure and compliant

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April 20, 2022


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