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Automated end-of-shift / end-of-order reporting

Automated end-of-shift / end-of-order reporting

by Octavic


Partner Solution

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The mission for Octavic is to help industrial manufacturers reach their Environmental and Social Governance goals by employing smart Industry 5.0 tech.

As a young and dynamic startup, the solution is quickly being adopted by the pharmaceutical, automotive, and other manufacturing industries all around the world. Our customers save thousands of paper sheets and hundreds of hours of repetitive work by leveraging Octavic’s capabilities.

To find out more, check out https://octavic.io and the attached video and PDFs.

This automation solution showcases Octavic’s native integration with UiPath Orchestrator for a use case of an automated digested report for multiple organizational roles, sent via email at the end of a shift or production order.

Our system triggers dozens of events (see attached PDF) based on real-time live shopfloor information, push data payloads specific to the production context to UiPath Orchestrator or SAP, and cover automated business processes that are both time-consuming and non-transparent in many manufacturing organizations.

It can also work in unattended setups, where the payloads of each event contain all the contextual data from the shopfloor necessary to build complete workflow automations.



Automated reporting and notifications at several shopfloor events (see attached PDF), digested for each organizational role in the factory. This can range from shift leader, to production or quality manager, and up to operations or plant manager - each getting the right-granularity just-in-time information they need to operate at top efficiency level.

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Oct 23, 2023


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Phone: +40740300049

Email: rpa@octavic.io

Link: https://octavic.io

Support calls usually get answered in 20 minutes during business hours, and a matter of hours outside business hours.


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