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Benefit Tracking Library

Benefit Tracking Library

by Internal Labs






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A Library that allows the tracking of Benefits (hours, money saved) at granular level within the code.



The Benefit Tracking Library allows the tracking of Benefits (hours saved, money saved) achieved with RPA automation. It contains activities that can be called from within the Robot code and that will store the benefits in either the robot execution logs or in a special purpose queue. These benefits are accounted for and stored from within the code at a very granular level and can then be rolled up and reported on at program level.

The 2 activities in this Library are:

  • Track Benefit To Logs: this activity will store the benefits into the Robot execution logs. The benefit information can then be aggregated and reported on either Kibana (if the logs are sent to ElasticSearch) or to UiPath Cloud Insights (via custom fields).
  • Track Benefit To Queue: this activity will store the benefits into a custom Orchestrator Queue. The benefit information can then be aggregated and reported on UiPath Insights On premise.

To use these activities you need to input the following fields:

  • BenefitAmount (Double): The amount of the benefit to be tracked.
  • BenefitUnit (String): The unit in which the Benefit Amount is tracked. Could be one of "seconds", "minutes", "hours", "USD", "EUR", "JPY" or "other". All time based benefits will be converted to "minutes" before being sent to the system of record.
  • BenefitUnitOther (String): If BenefitUnit is "other", you can use this as free text to input the Benefit unit.
  • BenefitReason (String): Use this field to record the reason for the Benefit, e.g. "Payment completed successfully", "Invoice partially processed"
  • BenefitReference (String): Use this field to record the unique identifer for this Benefit, e.g. "Invoice #12345", "ABC-12345"
  • *Additional field for TrackBenefitToQueue* BenefitFolder (String): The Orchestrator folder that contains the destination Queue
  • *Additional field for TrackBenefitToQueue* QueueName (String): The name of the destination Queue

Please note only benefits tracked and run through the Assistant or through Unattended robots will effectively be sent to the system of record. Benefits tracked through Studio/StudioX will not account for any benefits as those are development tools that should not be used to run production loads. You can restrict production workflows from running on Studio/StudioX via Governance policies.



  • Track benefits granularly as and when they happen: no need to aggregate or use averages.
  • Report benefits automatically without manual intervention: produce real time KPIs for your RPA program.
  • Consolidate at program level: roll up to folder or tenant level seamlessly.
  • Categorise the benefits by reason, business unit or any aggregation level that you would like.
  • Easily integrate benefit tracking into existing workflows.

Additional Information

Additional Information


UiPathTeam.GetProcessInfo.Activities >= 1.0.0

Code Language

Visual Basic


Windows Legacy (.Net Framework 4.6.1)


Internal Labs

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May 30, 2022

Works with

Studio: 19.10 - 22.10


Silver Certified


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