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Big Brain Chatbot - Eventbrite Integration

Big Brain Chatbot - Eventbrite Integration





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Register for an event with natural language



Leverage a next-generation chatbot interface enhanced with RPA to unlock tasks for automation that could previously only be handled by a human agent.

This component allows your Big Brain Chatbot users to reserve tickets for an Eventbrite event using natural language.

To create the Eventbrite automation we use UiPath Studio. A web browser session runs the desired automation and the sequences to perform the Eventbrite registration are recorded.

Two processes are setup:

  • Check if there are tickets available.
  • Perform the automation to register for a ticket and request a place on the event waiting list.

These processes are uploaded to UiPath Orchestrator which manages the processes and balances the requests between the available RPA robots.

The Big Brain Chatbot framework gathers the user registration data and sends this to the Orchestrator queue. The Orchestrator then looks at the queue and invokes a robot along with the chatbot registration data. Based on the current number of user requests, the Orchestrator decides how to handle the request and passes a job to a free RPA robot.

When the job is completed, the Orchestrator queue is updated with the completed status and the result of the job. This includes the order ID. Big Brain Chatbot checks the Orchestrator queue by getting the updated status and giving it back to the user as an order confirmation answer.



Data protection and confirmatory checks Tickets available: Perform RPA event registration Sold out: Perform RPA Waiting list registration Service unavailable: Provide friendly response and direct user to register via web link

Additional Information

Additional Information


This component requires a Big Brain Chatbot license.


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February 19, 2020

Works with

Studio: 20.2 - 22.10



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