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Automate your content lifecycle with a cloud-based content management and file sharing platform. Connect with Box, streamline collaboration, and optimize content operations.

To start automating processes with Box, you first need to establish a connection with your Box instance. This requires authentication, and step-by-step instructions can be found in the Box authentication page.

The Box connector supports events via polling. More information about the events supported for the Box connector can be found in the Box events page.

You can use the connection to enable the Box activities in UiPath Studio and perform various operations on your Box objects, including creating, reading, updating, and deleting files and folders. This allows you to fully automate your content management and file sharing processes, saving time and improving efficiency. By leveraging the activity package, you can easily integrate Box functionalities into your UiPath Studio automations, enhancing your content operations.

The UiPath connector is compatible with Box v2 REST API, and you can find more information about Box's API on the Box website.



Box offers a range of benefits for file storage, sharing, and collaboration, including:
  • a robust set of synced editing, commenting, and task assignment functions
  • delegated file and folder security
  • cloud-hosted accessibility
  • easy sharing and collaboration
  • version control and file history
  • scalability
  • integration capabilities
These features help organizations streamline their content management workflows, enhance collaboration, and improve overall productivity.

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