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Central Controller Template For Sequential Jobs

Central Controller Template For Sequential Jobs

by Boundaryless Group





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REFramework template to centrally provide the execute command to other independent REFramework solutions or workflow processes which are in Orchestrator that need to be executed in a sequential order



When developing RPA solutions, we break down our processes into multiple REFramework solutions or simple workflow files which run independently. For example, when dealing with web scraping and processing, we develop a dispatcher solution and a performer solution using REFramework which are independently executed one after the other.

In order to execute the Performer right after the Dispatcher process completes, people use many approaches. Some tend to include the Performer within the dispatcher workflow which can make it much more complicated while some come up with workaround solutions to handle this manually or by simple controller workflows.

However, if these Dispatcher, Performer and all the independent solutions are in UiPath Orchestrator as separate processes, we can easily execute them without any hassle using this controller template. In situations where you need to schedule these tasks to be run one after the other at a particular day/ time, rather than scheduling each and every independent process, we can simply schedule this one controller solution and it will handle the rest automatically.


The tasks that should be executed through the controller workflow solution should be published to the Orchestrator and should be available under Processes

About the Controller

The controller workflow is developed using REFramework. We have to include all the processes that need to be run in sequential order in the Configuration Excel sheet. The process will access this Excel sheet and extract the jobs that need to be executed one after the other.



Ability to execute sequential, independent workflow solutions one after the other automatically Avoiding the scenario of manually invoking each process Providing greater control and reliability in executing sequential independent solutions Simplifies multiple task scheduling through one central controller solution

Additional Information

Additional Information


Orchestrator Executing processes should be published to Orchestrator and should be ready under Processes Controller solution dependencies UiPath.Credentials.Activities: [1.1.6479.13204] UiPath.Excel.Activities: [2.5.3] UiPath.Mail.Activities: [1.4.0] UiPath.System.Activities: [19.4.0] UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities: [19.4.1]

Code Language

Visual Basic


Boundaryless Group

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Feb 25, 2020

Works with

Studio: 21.10 - 22.10


Gold Certified


Email: lahiru@boundaryless.com

Mon-Fri 8 AM to 9 PM IST; Response time: 1 business day; Resolution time: 10 days


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