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Chatbot with Microsoft Bot Framework

Chatbot with Microsoft Bot Framework

by Internal Labs






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A comprehensive solution that provides pre-built unattended and attended RPA integration, a UiPath Assistant widget and a sample chatbot with automations to improve productivity.



This solution includes:

  • Ready-to-use Bot Framework dialogs for RPA integration for both attended and unattended automation.
  • A sample chatbot that uses automation (also included) to help with time mundane tasks like looking for meeting times, collecting industry insights from trusted sources, and more.
  • A webchat interface via which the chatbot triggers attended automation.
  • A UiPath Assistant widget component that makes your Bot Framework based chatbot accessible right from Assistant.

How it works:

  • Unattended automations are triggered using Orchestrator APIs. A configurable polling mechansim monitors the process job and collects output. Further, a 'hold message' pattern has been implemented to improve user experience in cases of long running fulfillment.
  • Attended automations are triggered using the Robot JavaScript SDK and requires the use of the included webchat interface.
  • The UiPath Assistant widget component can be built with the UiPath Assistant plugin creator to create a custom widget that embeds the configured chatbot.



  • Rapidly deliver end-to-end automation with configurable unattended and attended RPA integration
  • Completely customizable integrations enable you to enhance/extended them to meet your needs
  • Drive adoption of your chatbot by making it available in UiPath Assistant

Additional Information

Additional Information


Microsoft Bot Framework Composer. Composer is a desktop client that used for development and testing of bot framework based chatbots • Microsoft Azure Account This solution requires Azure resources (like LUIS for language understanding). Access to an Azure resource group with privileges to create and manage its resources is required. • UiPath Automation Cloud Account (for unattended automation) To run unattended automation, you will need to have a cloud Orchestrator instance with one or more unattended robots • A Confidential Application in Automation Cloud (for unattended automation) This is required to make authenticated HTTP requests to start jobs, monitor their status and capture output. • UiPath Attended Robot\Assistant The sample included in the solution requires an attended robot with the automations required it installed. UiPath Assistant is required to embed a conversational experience right within it for quick user access

Code Language

Visual Basic


Internal Labs

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March 2, 2022

Works with

Studio: 20.10 - 22.10


Silver Certified


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