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Connecting UiPath Automation to Genesys Cloud

Connecting UiPath Automation to Genesys Cloud

by UiPath






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The UiPath Enterprise Platform connects Genesys Cloud to any system, including those not previously accessible behind a firewall.



IVR (“Interactive Voice Response”) systems are often the first point of contact for customers as part of an enterprise’s contact care system. Unfortunately, IVRs often fall short on the promise of providing “self-service” solutions for customers as IVRs are only capable of connecting to systems that are accessible via API, which even when available can be expensive to implement such solutions.

With UiPath’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform, Genesys Cloud can be connected to any system via RPA, drastically expanding IVR fulfillment capabilities to gather information and perform actions across a plethora of systems from on-prem mainframes to cloud-based web services. Increasing the success rate of customer requests being fulfilled by the self-service IVR frees your contact center agents up to work on more complex customer issues. The results? Improved customer and employee experiences, enhanced accuracy, reduced Average Handling Time (“AHT”), and acceleration of your digital transformation initiatives, resulting in a rapid return on investment.

The UiPath Enterprise Platform connects Genesys Cloud to any system, including those not previously accessible via Genesys PureCloud. This enables a zero-touch, fully automated contact center solution and complete customer self-service, freeing up agents to work on more complex customer issues.​ This integration services all regions where Genesys Connect is available globally across Americas, EMEA, and APAC.

Key Features

- Integrate with all applications with UiPath UI automation and native integrations. UiPath world-class UI automation capabilities enables automation of any application, browser, or virtual environment. Leveraging UI automation or native integrations, UiPath integrates with any system that your contact center relies on, including systems previously not accessible by Genesys PureCloud​

- Seamlessly transfer requests from self-service to contact center agent with human-in-the-loop. UiPath robots can be leveraged for a seamless handoff from a self-service IVR channel to a live agent, helping agents solve customer problems faster, reduce AHT, and improve satisfaction.

- Quickly scale to adjust to business needs. From small automation projects to company-wide extensive scopes, UiPath Orchestrator and UiPath Robots can quickly scale alongside Genesys PureCloud to meet any enterprise need for normal business cycles or unplanned spikes in call volume in your contact center.



- Empower agents to focus on complex issues: the UiPath integration with Genesys Cloud increases request fulfillment success rates in the self-service IVR, freeing contact center agents to work on more complex customer issues.​ - Improve customer & employee satisfaction: With UiPath and Genesys Cloud, customers and employee requests are resolved quickly, thereby boosting CSAT and NPS.​

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Additional Information


Genesys Cloud, Node.js, AWS Lambda

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April 6, 2021

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Studio: 20.4 - 22.10


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