Consulting Services for UiPath

Consulting Services for UiPath

by SphereGen Technologies LLC



SphereGen is an innovative software development and consulting company. Our specialties include deep experience deploying RPA automations with custom full-stack development and services for various industries. We help businesses improve their bottom line through automation. Customers see quick results in increased efficiency, employee satisfaction, and substantial ROI. 

WHY SPHEREGEN? Our Flexibility

With offices in the U.S., India, and Europe, our onshore/offshore approach delivers flexible costing options for development and support for businesses across the globe. 


• Build an RPA business strategy to remain sustainable beyond the initial automations

• Training to identify and select automation candidates confidently

• Detailed and complete PDDs to verify requirements and process flow

• QA Tested Automation Process with Subject Matter Experts

• Solutions Team to support and maintain automations

• Overall, Partner guidance and support


• Get the PDD right

Our team works to understand the business need, document the current process and environment, then map the Process Design Document (PDD) to obtain the best approach in building the automation

• Build the Automation

After client signoff, our certified developers build custom solutions using the Agile Methodology, UiPath tool, and custom code if needed to bridge automations to the current system

• Quality Assurance Test

Working with client Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), we oversee QA testing and incorporate feedback to ensure a successful deployment

· Expand Center of Excellence (COE) planning and implementation with each step

It’s important to start planning and building your COE from the beginning of your RPA journey. An empowered COE is a basis for creating a successful and sustainable RPA program. SphereGen works as a partner to guide your team in this implementation.

UiPath Advantage

As a UiPath Silver partner, we help customers accomplish their automation goals using the following UiPath tools: 

  • UiPath Studio
  • Build automated workflows which are actionable through Attended and Unattended bots
  • UiPath Orchestrator
  • Install, configure, and migrate (if needed) Orchestrator from on-prem to cloud
  • UiPath Document Understanding
  • Use Machine Learning to integrate data from forms by “training” the process to recognize document data placement
  • UiPath Computer Vision
  • Build automations leveraging Computer Vision to interact with VDI applications
  • UiPath Automation Hub
  • Implement Automation Hub to guide and support Customer COEs in managing automation pipelines, facilitating candidate approval, and calculating ROI

Skills / Expertise

Skills / Expertise

Our solutions experts have been designing and building digital business solutions for over 15 years. 

• Full-stack development
• Silver UiPath Partner
• UiPath Certifications for all Technology levels – Solution Architect, Developers, BA, Infrastructure, Testing
• Development of all UiPath products related to Discovery, Automation and Operations including Document Understanding, Task/ Process Mining, Automation Hub, Data Services, Machine Learning and AI Skills and packages
• COE Implementation


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SphereGen supports all custom work according to the contractual statement of work agreed upon between SphereGen, and its customers.


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