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This Accelerator is designed to perform efficient investigations of AML Alerts and case management. It integrates with existing AML applications to streamline the process of sanction screening, while automating the handling of false positive scenarios, true match scenarios, and alerts with insufficient information.

The primary beneficiaries of this Accelerator are AML analysts, AML senior analysts, and global banks. AML analysts can expect reduced investigation time and fewer redundant tasks, while AML senior analysts will review a limited number of Alerts, saving time and increasing overall productivity. Banks will benefit from enhanced compliance, improved accuracy, and reduced risk of penalties, as manual errors are minimized, and true positive alerts are less likely to be missed.

This Accelerator addresses the challenges posed by the significant manual effort involved in identifying, monitoring, validating, reporting, and executing decisions for sanction checks. It also tackles the critical need for compliance in the banking industry, where errors resulting from manual work can lead to substantial fines and penalties. By providing an automated solution, this Accelerator helps banks maintain compliance and achieve increased accuracy.

The end-users of this Accelerator should anticipate faster processing times for closing AML Alerts, improved accuracy when identifying true positive alerts, and the automation of repetitive and monotonous processes, leading to reduced employee churn.

The code in this Accelerator processes AML Alert Investigations in this progression:
  1. Scans real-time alerts and opens them in the AML application for sanctions screening.
  2. Matches customer attributes during the sanctions screening process, including date of birth, country, previous names, and business segments.
  3. If no attributes match, the automation provides the reason on a summary screen and closes the alert.
  4. On an initial positive match, the automation checks for additional attributes. If any match, it assigns the alert to a Senior Analyst on UiPath Action Center for confirmation of true positive and PEP match.



  • Real-time scanning for generated AML Alerts and automated processing of the AML Alerts screening process.
  • Automated matching of customer attributes and accurately identifying false/true positive Alerts to effectively close them.
  • Automated preparation of customer due diligence (CDD) case files.

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Additional Information


Code Language

Visual Basic


Windows (.Net 5.0 or higher)



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Aug 23, 2023

Works with

Studio: 22.10+


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