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Create Purchase Order Receipts  in JDE

Create Purchase Order Receipts in JDE

by Thirdware Solutions Limited




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In a Procurement to pay process, receipt of goods carries a vital part in order to carry out the subsequent operations of the business to bring out the end product. Goods received in the warehouse have to be acknowledged in order to confirm
further operations.


With UiPath Automation Tool, this acknowledgement of receipt of goods is carried out in the JDE ERP system as a Receipt Matching process to the respective purchase order. This way the automation carries out a high volume of receipts to be matched to its Purchase Order via JDE Purchase Orders to Receive menu. It carries out the task with clear accuracy ensuring all the submitted receipts are matched to its Purchase Orders as per the line items in the PO.

Validate Information

· The UiPath tool validates the Purchase Order from the source file against the one in the ERP system Receipt Matching
· It skips Purchase Orders that does not fall in line between the source and system and marks them as exception.
· It verifies each Purchase Order line item against the source file while doing the Receipt Matching.

Products Used

· UiPath Studio - The Excel Integration activities inside Studio help to identify the PO numbers for which the receipts have to
be matched.



  • Cutting procurement-to-pay processing costs by up to 40%.
  • Accelerated order processing and visibility leading to efficient delivery scheduling.
  • Customer Service staff time saved by as much as 70%.
  • Improved cash flow and payment times.
  • Accurate & efficient execution of the Receipt Matching Process.

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Dec 9, 2021

Works with

Studio: 19.1.1 - 22.10


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