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ADROSONIC - Custom Audit Logs

ADROSONIC - Custom Audit Logs

by ADROSONIC IT Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd




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Creating a Custom Audit Log in XML/JSON format and store it at a user specified location



These custom Audit Logging UiPath activities have been developed with the view of being event listeners for every process that’s developed. This will help in making sure that the audit logs developed can be used for Auditing and compliance.

Also, the logs, because of being in XML and JSON formats can be further uploaded or used by BI tools for analysis.

It will create a log file in 2 formats – XML or JSON which is decided by the User in the dropdown provided for each activity.

There are 2 activities in the Package:

Append Audit Log Activity:

  • This will append the Audit Log Message in an existing Audit Log File.
  • If the Audit Log file is not present, it will create a new one.

Input Parameters:

  • AuditLogType (select) – XML / JSON
  • FilePath (freetext) – Path at which the Audit Log will be stored.
  • Message Description (freetext) – Description of the Audit Log
  • Message Type (freetext) – Info / Warning / Error

End Audit Log Activity:

  • Only to be used if Log Type used for the project is in XML Format.
  • This audit log activity will close the Audit log XML.

Input Parameters:

  • FilePath (freetext) – Path at which the Audit Log will be stored.



These Audit Logs will help in chronologically maintaining Robots touchpoints, and thus will help in Debugging, Auditing & Verifying if the expected workflow is executed as per the process.

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Windows Legacy (.Net Framework 4.6.1)


ADROSONIC IT Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd

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February 19, 2020

Works with

Studio: 20.4 - 22.10


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