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Customer Service Request Classification for Banks

Customer Service Request Classification for Banks

by Internal Labs




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Streamline your Customer Service function through AI powered auto classification and routing of customer requests



Despite emergence of self service channels, a large proportion of the clients (institutional and retail) continue to use Emails as a primary channel for communication with the bank. Most of these communications are related to clarify issues/ queries on their account, account servicing requests or complaints, issues with payments. 

The bank’s Customer Servicing and Fulfillment support teams processes the email/ free text based request, create a service request record in system and addresses the actual request in respective banking system, resolve the request, reply back to client over Email and closes the request in system. All this takes huge time of the bank’s operations team to resolve individual service request end-to-end and also causes great dissatisfaction to end client due to long service cycle led by multiple manual interventions. Also, such requests are very recurring and require huge task force. A typical large bank has 100s of operations team members for classifying, raising tickets and routing the tasks to appropriate teams in bank for each of the product and service line.

UiPath's Customer Service Request Classification Accelerator extracts narratives from customer emails and auto classifies each of the customer email into 3 categories - Banking Product, Sub Product and Issue Type using Evolution AI based NLP models. Finally, the accelerator auto creates a new case for each email in Salesforce Case Management Application.


  • Pre trained classification models based on real world customer emails
  • Pre configured integration with Salesforce Case Management
  • Option to reconfigure with bank's existing servicing platforms

NLP/NLC Models powered by EvolutionAI

Developed by: ,



Reduced operational footprint Improved turnaround time for customer request resolution Enables automation of service fulfillment

Additional Information

Additional Information


https://evolution.ai/ Evolution.ai https://go.uipath.com/component/connector-for-salesforce-lightning-platform UiPath Salesforce Lightning Platform Activities Package ( or higher) MS Outlook


Internal Labs

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Feb 19, 2020

Works with

Studio: 18.4 - 22.10


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