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Digital Claim Interchange Request

Digital Claim Interchange Request

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Reduce technical debt in your revenue cycle management (RCM) processes by enabling easy EDI X12 mapping in your eligibility process.



What is a UiPath accelerator?

UiPath use case accelerators are automation frameworks which are custom-built for specific use cases. These frameworks use best practices and pre-built components which can be modified, expanded, and customized based on the needs of each specific use case and customer, enabling faster time to value for your automation programs.

Note: Accelerators are not plug-and-play solutions. The accelerator package codebase contains reusable components that interact with specific systems (e.g., Coupa, etc.). These components are meant to be used as a starting point / example for how such components should be built in an actual implementation.

Digital Claim Interchange Request Solution Accelerator

Bulky middleware and expensive services create high technical debt in the Revenue Cycle Management process, especially when requesting eligibility. And that’s a major problem for healthcare organizations that need to de-risk revenue impact quickly to continue to provide the best patient care and provider work experiences.

This accelerator package provides a customizable package of components that will enable RCM Applications Directors to automate real-time EDI intake or conversion to different formats, like CSV, FHIR, and JSON, or enable UI data entry.

With the customizable and reusable code components included here, you’ll achieve:

  • Lower time to value
  • Improved file integrity and quality

For example, currently your RCM Applications Directors may have to meet an SLA to enter eligibility data into three PAS platforms. After implementing this accelerator, the eligibility data is entered in real time and validated for accuracy before it’s handed off to an agent to work on it.

Reducing technical debt in your RCM processes is as easy as downloading this package of resources, customizing them to your organization’s needs, and letting the automation run with converting data so you can request status from payers and get quick, accurate responses.



  • Real time EDI intake or conversion to formats like CSV, FHIR, or JSON.
  • Built-in EDI X12 data conversion tables embedded in a UiPath activity.

Additional Information

Additional Information


UiPath.Excel.Activities 2.16.2 UiPath.System.Activities 22.4.5 UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities 22.4.7 UiPath.Mail.Activities 1.18.2 UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities 1.14.1 UiPath.DataService.Activities 21.10.1

Code Language

Visual Basic


Windows (.Net 5.0 or higher)



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Mar 18, 2024

Works with

Studio: 22.4+


Gold Certified


UiPath Studio


Email: solution-accelerators-support@uipath.com

Link: https://marketplace.uipath.com/contact-us

Support on Demand is available only to UiPath Enterprise customers. To access this type of support, you need to have an active UiPath license. More details are available here: https://docs.uipath.com/marketplace/automation-cloud/latest/user-guide/support-on-demand. Note: Marketplace Support On Demand is not subject to a response SLA, but one should expect a response within two business days.


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