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Docugami Bot for UiPath

Docugami Bot for UiPath

by Docugami




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Bring process-critical document content to your line of business systems with the Docugami Bot for UiPath.



Uses with UiPath:

  • Use UiPath Robots to power document-centric workflows, delivering actionable data directly to the users and systems that can leverage it.
  • Integrate the Docugami Payload Processor custom activity into your UiPath Attended or Unattended bots to acquire data extracted from Docugami.
  • Leverage the vast UiPath ecosystem of Custom Activities, Connectors & Solutions to build comprehensive processes where document content extracted from Docugami can be consumed without friction.
  • Use the UiPath Robot for Docugami to send data in bulk (to database and analytics backends) and per document (via Email)

Getting started with the Docugami Attended Bot is easy:

  1. Sign-up for Docugami: 
  2. Upload documents you want Docugami to analyze
  3. Configure export projects in minutes
  4. Apply the Docugami Bot for UiPath to process exports

Key Features:

  • Use the Docugami Payload Processor custom activity to enrich new and existing UiPath process flows with document content selected by the user.
  • Set up business rules for document Data via the Docugami Attended Bot interface to drive process automations and escalations.
  • Send document content in XML and Tabular form to major database backends; cross-query with existing data sources to perform sophisticated analytics and visualizations.
  • Repurpose document content to rapidly assemble new documents to serve different use-cases and processes.
  • Configure connections to your own ‘Watch Folders’, Email, Azure SQL, Oracle, and Snowflake endpoints.

Docugami is a document engineering company delivering an AI-powered SaaS for Business Users on Day Docugami automatically deconstructs the crucial information inside documents and enables sharing that information seamlessly with line of business systems.

Documents are transformed into data that can be leveraged by business logic, pre-built rules and actions in UiPath. Critical information in documents can be easily configured for bots to automatically process in formats that are entirely flexible for an organization to define.

Docugami also makes it easy to connect with no code and low code workflow engines so that business users can quickly connect the information in documents with existing point solutions or line-of-business systems.

Workflows can be triggered by defined values and can send specific data points extracted from documents to people and systems. This seamless integration empowers both users and their IT partners to respond to the needs of the business with speed and agility, ensuring the right insights are getting to the right people and systems at the right time with document routing, reviews, approvals, and exception handling.



Small data learning. Huge datasets or laborious manual data mapping and pre-labeling are not required for accurate results. Docugami learns from your organization’s ‘small’ datasets, such as 20 documents of a certain similar type.

Faster time-to-value. Business users who are familiar with a word processor can build custom reports that can be easily connected with UiPath workflows, saving time and money, and adapt to the negotiated variations of business documents with greater agility.

Additional Information

Additional Information


• UiPath.Form.Activities [1.2.1-preview] • UiPath.WebAPI.Activities [1.7.0] • UiPathTeam.StatusProgress.Activit [1.0.2]



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August 17, 2021

Works with

Studio: 19.10.1 - 22.10




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