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Dropbox is a popular cloud storage services that enable you to store and share your files online.



Dropbox is a renowned cloud storage service that allows users to securely store and share files online. With Dropbox, you can easily store and back up your files online, granting you convenient access from various devices, including your home computer, work computer, or mobile device. All your files are securely stored on Dropbox's own servers and can be synchronized across all your devices for seamless accessibility.

The UiPath connector for Dropbox empowers users to incorporate cloud storage and content into their automated processes. This includes functionalities such as creating, updating, and managing files and data.

Authentication is required before automating processes. You can establish a connection with your Dropbox instance by following step-by-step instructions available on the . 

Once connected, you can utilize the in to build useful automations that execute create, read, update, and delete operations on your Dropbox objects.

The UiPath connector is designed to be compatible with Dropbox API v2, and you can learn more about it on the . This ensures that you can seamlessly integrate Dropbox functionalities into your UiPath automation workflows while leveraging the latest Dropbox API features.

By utilizing the UiPath connector for Dropbox, you can streamline your automation processes and enhance your productivity by leveraging the capabilities of this popular cloud storage service.

The Dropbox connector does not currently support events.



Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service that offers:

  • easy access
  • file synchronization
  • file sharing and collaboration
  • file backup and recovery
  • cross-platform compatibility
  • security features
  • storage flexibility

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