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E-mail Intent Classification

E-mail Intent Classification

by Bitext Innovations International, Inc.



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Bitext's E-mail Intent Classification tool is now available as an ML Skill in the UiPath AI Center. This means that you can call it from your flows in UiPath Studio Pro, so you can now easily set up an end-to-end process to classify and route incoming e-mails according to the main intent expressed by the customer.

Bitext's E-mail Intent Classification service is a pre-trained intent classifier built specifically to detect the primary intent in incoming e-mails. It covers 400+ common intents across 20 domains:

1. Automotive
2. Retail Banking
3. Education
4. Events & Ticketing
5. Field Services
6. Healthcare
7. Hospitality
8. Insurance
9. Legal Services
10. Manufacturing
11. Media Streaming
12. Mortgages & Loans
13. Moving & Storage
14. Real Estate/Construction
15. Restaurant & Bar Chains
16. Retail/E-commerce
17. Telecommunications
18. Travel
19. Utilities
20. Wealth Management



  • Automate your process by classifying your emails according to intent detection.
  • Derive labels from user interactions.
  • Exploit user-interactions to train and improve your system.

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Additional Information



Bitext Innovations International, Inc.

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Dec 8, 2021

Works with

AI Center: 20.10 - 22.10


Email: support@bitext.com

Bitext shall provide maintenance and support services to the Customer. Such services will include: (i) access tot he customer support department at the Bitext office via e-mail, during normal office hours of that Bitext office, from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Bitext will respond to the client's request for assistance according to the following levels of severity: - Critical/High - Description: problem that does not allow the system to work and has no alternative solution.

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