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Ennuviz Professional Services for UiPath

Ennuviz Professional Services for UiPath

by Ennuviz



At Sale, we utilize our AI-powered process mining and hyperautomation capabilities to assist organizations in identifying the most impactful transformation opportunities. Our subsidiary, Ennuviz, offers specialized services in this domain, leveraging the expertise of our multi-skilled business process consultants and solution architects to deliver customized and competitive solutions. Our engagement framework is designed to offer a seamless experience to our clients, acting as a white-glow 

service provider.

RPA Discovery

Our organization assists clients in implementing a comprehensive range of AI-powered automation solutions. Our goal is to 

establish hybrid human-digital ecosystems and transition towards Digital Twins and Intelligent Enterprises. We aim to provide business performance that results in competitive advantage and faster time-to-market while ensuring cost-efficiency. This enables our clients to achieve their transformational objectives and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving market.

Our Services

Advisory Service

  • Strategy & Planning.
  • Shared Service & Compliance Model – Centralized, Decentralized, and Hybrid.
  • Customized Automation Process & Governance and Operating Model.
  • Customized Business Enablement.
  • Conduct Hyperautomation 101, 201 sessions with stakeholders for Automation adoption.

Delivery & Managed Service

  • Business Oppurtunity Discovery as a Service (DaaS).
  • Business Workshops & High-level process assessment.
  • Automated Business Process Discovery using UiPath Process Mining.
  • Perform Functional and Technical feasibility assessment.
  • Value Engineering – Cost Basis Analysis & ROI Forecast.

Automation as a Service (Build, Operate, and Transition)

  • Automation Requirement
  • Functional and Technical Feasibility Assessment
  • Solution Design
  • Build End User Testing & Training
  • Deploy and Support
  • Maintain

Automation Support as a Service (Operate and Transition)

Monitor and Support Automation, Minor Bug Fixes, and Platform Patch Upgrades.

Digitization as a Service (Build, Operate, and Transition)

Capture digitization requirements, Functional and Technical feasibility assessments, design, activity customization, Data 

Engineering, Build AI-ML skills, Develop / Integrate AI-ML skill UiPath BOT, Testing, Deploy, and support. Reskill AI-ML skills 

with new data sets and Redeploy BOT.

Professional Services

  • Offer pre-screened and qualified UiPath professionals with functional and industry knowledge to ensure the right fit for  
    every hire.
  • We have a resource deployment pool based in US, Canada, and India.
  • Assignment Type: Individuals (C2C, C2Ho) or Transformation Agile POD (1 Scrum Master, 1 Solution Architect,                         2-3 Developers).
  • Commercial Model: T&M and FP.

Automation Supports

  • Attended
  • Unattended
  • Hybrid

We Support

  • UiPath Studio
  • UiPath Orchestrator
  • UiPath AI Center
  • UiPath Document Understanding
  • UiPath Data Service
  • UiPath Process Mining
  • UiPath Integration Service
  • UiPath Automation Hub
  • AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • UiPath Cloud

Automation COE

  •  UiPath Certified Partner

Our Competency Highlights

  • 50+ Certified UiPath Developers, Solution Architects, Business Analysts, & Infrastructure Engineers.
  • Fungible and Versatile Resources - Trained, Certified industry-leading process mining, hyperautomation, and Document   Understanding, in addition to UiPath ecosystem.
  • 100+ Plug-n-Play accelerators.
  • 5 Pre-Built Solutions.
  • Customer Engagement and Experience for Contact Centers.
  • Healthcare providers and payers CMS Digitization.
  • Bank Statement, Cheque Digitization Plug-ins.
  • Material Test Report, Invoice, PO Supply Chain.
  • Finance & Account reconciliation.
  • Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration capabilities, including custom ML skill development.

Ennuviz is committed to delivering responsible automation and AI solutions to our clients. We are headquartered in Freehold, New Jersey, with additional offices in Canada and India (Chennai, Tamil Nadu) as Offshore Development Center (ODC). Our presence in multiple locations allows us to provide adequate support to clients worldwide, and we are ISO 27001:2013             certified.

Professional services - .

Skills / Expertise

Skills / Expertise

Ennuviz is a niche provider of process mining and hyperautomation services known for its client-centric approach. With over 

50 years of experience in technology and various industries and insights gained from implementing over 100’s 

Hyperautomation solutions in recent years, Ennuviz has developed a robust assessment, qualification, and governance framework. Our approach to automation is holistic, combining process mining to drive synergies and maximize benefits.



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March 10, 2023


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For Level 1 support please reach out to (833) 866-8849 Ext: 5 For critical errors and service outages: Response time is one hour - 24/7. For general support requests, users may reach out to our Customer Support via

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