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Excel Extension Activities

Excel Extension Activities

by Internal Labs






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This activities library allows easy integration with Excel. The activities will mimic human actions. It also works with large Excel files.



The activities in this package mimic human actions like GoTo cell, FindAll, GoRight, Left Below Above Last Row etc. It works well on large Excel files as well, and it does not hold any data in memory.

This activity can be used to style your Excel sheet/cell: Format Cell (Number, Percentage, Currency etc.), Bold, Fill Color, Font Color, Column Width, Row Height etc.

This package is comprised of the following activities:

  1. Excel Extension Scope
  2. Activate Sheet
  3. AutoFill
  4. AutoFit
  5. ChangeFormat
  6. ClearContent
  7. CloseSession
  8. CopyAsPicture
  9. DeleteSheet
  10. FillColor
  11. FindAll
  12. FontStyle
  13. GetActiveCell
  14. GetLastColumn
  15. GetLastRow
  16. GetSheets
  17. GoTo
  18. Insert | Delete
  19. Merge
  20. ReadCell
  21. RefreshAll
  22. SaveWorkbook
  23. SelectRange
  24. SetWidthAndHeight
  25. SetZoom
  26. WriteCell
  27. Rename Sheet
  28. Convert Range to HTML Code
  29. Delete Duplicate Columns
  30. Delete Empty Columns
  31. Delete Empty Rows

Release 2.0:

- Listing is upgraded to work on both .NET 6 (Windows Projects) and also .NET 4.5.1 (Windows-Legacy).

Release 2.1:

- Four new activities:

  • Convert Range to HTML Code : Converts the Range to the HTML Code
  • Delete Duplicate Columns : Deletes the duplicate columns present in the selected range
  • Delete Empty Columns : Deletes empty columns in the selected range
  • Delete Empty Rows : Deletes empty rows in the selected range



It can work with large Excel files. It is very easy to use, even by users with no technical knowledge. 

It can easily mimic user actions in Excel. You can apply style and format to your sheets/cells.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Microsoft Office Excel

Code Language

C#, Visual Basic


Windows (.Net 5.0 or higher)

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