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The connector lets you use language data in your RPA process. Using leading AI and NLP, understands content in documents and supplies UiPath extractions data needed for automation.



Unlock the Potential of Your Natural Language Assets

Use the connector to easily leverage advanced AI-based natural language capabilities and enable Digital Workers to harvest information from different data sources, understand it and automate with RPA language intensive processes.

Enabling Human Comprehension & Insight at Scale

Empowering RPA with cognitive capabilities helps enterprises “make sense” of data faster and with higher levels of accuracy, improving efficiency and increasing overall productivity.

The UiPath integration with natural language technology adds the critical skill of knowledge & insight to UiPath Intelligent Automation, enabling Digital Workers to harvest information from different data sources, understand it and use the extracted language data for automation activities.

The integration helps enterprises automate repetitive business processes based on large volumes of unstructured data—text documents, email, customer interactions, call notes etc., reducing errors, improving efficiency and increasing scalability of operations.

When and why

Extract the right text data needed for RPA processes.

Classify documents using customized taxonomies to trigger RPA processes.

Understand the intent of content in documents to expedite routing.

Optimize accuracy by including subject matter experts in the feedback loop.

Leverage out of the box knowledge models as a quickstart for projects and easily customize them to your business.

Adding natural language processing AI to RPA, you can extract and categorize unstructured data faster and with higher accuracy, creating NLP robots and improving the ROI of your automation projects.

Use Cases:

Email Management: Increase customer satisfaction and efficiency by automatic routing and extracting data from customer emails.

Compliance: Identify and redact PII, PHI, and GDPR information.

Claims Management: Read, understand and extract essential details from medical, accident & other reports to accelerate claims handling.

Contract Analytics: Analyze & classify contracts to extract key terms and clauses like termination dates, payment terms, renewal terms, etc.

Intelligent Process Automation: Automate any language-intensive and manual business processes throughout the organization.


Features’s Natural Language capabilities adds the critical ability to understand the meaning and intent of language data to UiPath Platform, enabling Digital Workers to automatically extract information from different data sources and understand it with high levels of accuracy, improving efficiency and increasing productivity.

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November 29, 2022

Works with

Studio: 22.4 - 22.10


Silver Certified


UiPath Orchestrator


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