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Extract & Aggregate Data from Application Package

Extract & Aggregate Data from Application Package

by UiPath






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This Solution Accelerator is designed and built to be used within Quote Application Processing by extracting, aggregating, and processing data from an Application Package.



This Solution Accelerator helps you automate the Quote Application process, which requires users to extract data from application forms (ACORD), addendums, and Loss Runs and submit the data for the quote to bind processing. 

The Solution Accelerator extracts data from application forms for processing using Out-of-the-box Pre-trained ML Package Models for ACORD125 and ACORD126 forms as defined in documentation located here.

It also extracts data from ACORD130 forms using Forms AI. For specific taxonomy and extracted fields, please refer to the documentation. The Solution Accelerator uses public endpoints and allows for further field configuration that are needed, while the OOTB model can be deployed in AI Center and then trained using a process defined in documentation here.

To further detail the functionalities of the Solution Accelerator, it retrieves Quote Application Packages from Data sources (emails, network shares, third party applications), it digitizes, classifies, aggregates and extracts document details, and allows for business rule validation processes.

This Solution Accelerator comes equipped with Specialized AI models tailored to particular document types. If a business wishes to refine these models to resonate more closely with a particular document variant in their unique operational context, the models can be further trained. With the groundwork firmly in place, the implementation time can be reduced by weeks.

The use of UiPath Document Understanding Models utilizes UiPath AI Units.



  • Document Extraction and Classification using Document Understanding
  • Result Extraction Processing
  • Usage of Document Understanding Queues
  • REFramework included as the default starting template
  • Action Center allows for human in the loop
  • Email Processing and Email Notification
  • Modular approach to processes for easy changes and easy configurations
  • Reusable components architecture allowing development and usage across multiple automation solutions

Additional Information

Additional Information


UiPath.DocumentUnderstanding.ML.Activities: 1.17.0 UiPath.Excel.Activities: 2.16.3 UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities: 6.5.0 UiPath.Persistence.Activities: 1.4.2 UiPath.SolutionAccelerators.Reusables.Generic: 1.1.0 UiPath.System.Activities: 22.10.6] UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities: 22.4.7 UiPath.Mail.Activities: 1.18.2 UiPath.PDF.Activities: 3.10.1 UiPath.SolutionAccelerators.ClaimsIntake.Reusables: 1.0.0

Code Language

Visual Basic


Windows (.Net 5.0 or higher)



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Mar 14, 2024

Works with

Studio: 22.4+


Gold Certified


Email: solution-accelerators-support@uipath.com

Link: https://marketplace.uipath.com/contact-us

Support on Demand is available only to UiPath Enterprise customers. To access this type of support, you need to have an active UiPath license. More details are available here: https://docs.uipath.com/marketplace/automation-cloud/latest/user-guide/support-on-demand. Note: Marketplace Support On Demand is not subject to a response SLA, but one should expect a response within two business days


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