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SAP Finance Automation Bot - Payment Proposals

SAP Finance Automation Bot - Payment Proposals

by AG Consultancy & Apps Ltd



Partner Solution

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Automate your day-to-day accounts payable processes with intelligent bots.



Speed up the payment approval process and reduce payment inaccuracies with UiPath Process Automation.

At AG, we have developed The Payment Run Proposal bot powered by UiPath solutions that automate regular business processes for account payables. It makes payment processing simple, faster and accurate. Meets targets of vendor payments by clearing payments in minutes, which otherwise would require almost a month. With this bot, payments workflow can be repeatedly run several times a month and make payments against large volumes of invoices on time. With in-built RPA capabilities, the bot provides intelligence to the accounts payable process and handles all operations effectively.

Once triggered, the bot sincerely picks up assigned parameters, such as company codes, payment methods, and frequency, to work on the transaction details and generate Payment Proposals. Then sends a user-friendly formatted report to the relevant teams.

It can execute vendor payment proposals in minutes with simple, faster, and more accurate processing. Can repetitively audit, analyse and identify discrepancies to reduce financial risk.



  • Pre-configured Bot scheduled out of office hours.
  • Flexible Excel configurable template.
  • Notification with time-to-time alerts.
  • Comprehensive reporting for the relevant team.
  • Deploy ready-to-use bot.

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Additional Information


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AG Consultancy & Apps Ltd

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Jun 14, 2023


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