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Gmail is a popular email service provided by Google that allows users to send, receive, and manage their email messages.



Gmail, the popular email service by Google, offers a wide range of features that allow you to effectively manage your email communication.

Creating a connection with your Gmail instance is a breeze is required as part of the authentication process. Detailed information on how to establish a connection with Gmail can be found on the . After connecting, start automating your mail - prioritize important new emails, send regular responses to similar messages, or manage file attachments.

The Gmail connector supports events via polling, allowing you to stay updated with the latest changes in your Gmail account. The provides information on the events supported by the connector.

You can leverage the connection to enable the and from the in . The Gmail connector enables you to execute create, read, update, and delete operations on your Gmail objects, giving you unparalleled control over your Gmail data.

For in-depth information on the Gmail API and the Google Calendar API, you can access the respective documentation links provided below.

Experience the power and versatility of Gmail and enhance your Gmail automation capabilities like never before. Stay organized, efficient, and productive with seamless integration of Gmail functionalities into your automation workflows.


UiPath’s use and transfer of information received from Google APIs, to any other app, will adhere to , including the Limited Use requirements.



Gmail is part of the Google suite of services, which includes , , , and many more. This integration allows users to seamlessly access and manage their emails along with other Google services from a single account, offering a unified and convenient experience.

Gmail provides a wide set of features for managing emails, including reading, composing, sending, and deleting emails. Moreover, it offers generous storage capacity for emails, allowing users to store a significant number of messages and attachments without worrying about running out of space.

Gmail's user-friendly interface, ample storage capacity, integration with other Google services, powerful spam filtering, mobile accessibility, reliability, and security, make it one of the most popular email services worldwide.

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