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Google Vertex AI is a unified artificial intelligence platform that offers all of Google's cloud services under one roof.



Vertex AI is an advanced machine learning platform that empowers users to train, deploy, and customize ML models and AI applications. It offers the capability to tailor large language models (LLMs) for integration into AI-powered applications. By merging data engineering, data science, and ML engineering workflows, Vertex AI facilitates seamless collaboration among teams while harnessing the scalability advantages provided by Google Cloud.

By leveraging the Google Vertex connector, users gain access to Google's cutting-edge Generative AI model, PaLM. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for creating innovative and intelligent solutions.

Establishing a secure connection with your Google Vertex instance is the first step towards automating processes. Detailed instructions for authentication can be found on the dedicated .

As of now, the Google Vertex connector does not support event-based functionality.

By utilizing the established connection, you can harness the power of within UiPath Studio. This integration enables the development of automation workflows that seamlessly interact with your Google Vertex data.



Vertex AI provides a robust and comprehensive platform for machine learning tasks, allowing you to train, deploy, and manage ML models and AI applications in a single environment. This streamlines your workflow and reduces the need for disparate tools.

With Vertex AI, you can:

  • customize large language models (LLMs) to meet the specific needs of your AI-powered applications. This customization empowers you to create tailored and unique experiences for your users.
  • Leverage the benefits of Google Cloud, enabling you to scale your applications effortlessly. The platform provides robust infrastructure and resources for handling large datasets and complex ML workloads, ensuring optimal performance and scalability.

The Google Vertex connector grants you access to Google's state-of-the-art Generative AI model, PaLM. This empowers you to leverage cutting-edge AI capabilities for tasks such as:

  • text generation
  • image synthesis, and more, enhancing the quality and creativity of your applications.

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