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Healthcare Automation: Patient Intake / Admission

Healthcare Automation: Patient Intake / Admission

by Kodak Alaris



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KODAK INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution combined with UiPath Automation Platform deliver an end-to-end new patient onboarding solution.



The Kodak INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution combined with the UiPath Automation Platform deliver a fully-automated solution for new patient intake processing. Simply feed the individual ID, insurance card, and intake forms into the scanner and the UiPath Software immediately identifies any missing or mismatched information and displays a message right in the scanner touch screen.

This critical validation at the point of input practically eliminates the risk of human error and it ensures that patient records are always complete and accurate at intake thus preventing costly rework downstream. No manual data entry is required, everything is automated and streamlined for fast accurate processing into your EMR system, and because data validation happens at the point of intake you can rest assured that patient information is accurate and complete.

It's Smart

  • Scan one easy setup sheet
  • Access automated patient intake workflows
  • No user training required
  • Finished image files directly from scanner

It's Connected

  • Continuous monitoring with real-time notifications
  • Accurate delivery of data and metadata
  • Seamless integration with your applications
  • No on-site PC or software required

It's Scalable

  • Cloud-capable, modern, scalable architecture
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Tightly integrated
  • Remotely managed



In addition to the INfuse Smart Connected Scanning device from Kodak Alaris with the same high-quality paper handling and image output you've come to expect, you'll also receive the INfuse Management software that enables full remote management (including workflow design, device configurations and license management).

Additional Information

Additional Information


INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Device INfuse Management Software UiPath Orchestrator UiPath Studio Simply connect with an Authorized UiPath Integrator or contact Kodak Alaris for an introduction.


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November 8, 2022


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