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Humley - HR Conversational AI Assistant

Humley - HR Conversational AI Assistant

by Humley Limited




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Humley’s HR Conversational AI Assistant enables users to extend the digital transformation benefits of UiPath’s RPA bots by providing a single point of contact for HR tasks and processes.



Humley HR Assistant enables organisations to generate efficiency and productivity gains through automating the repetitive tasks and processes involved with handling and the actioning HR communications and requests.

The platform enables users to initiate and operate UiPath’s RPA to perform specific HR tasks and processes across multiple voice and chat interfaces, working with bots to support information retrieval, updates, and activity automation. Freeing up HR Teams to focus on more strategic and higher value tasks and giving employees instant access to all the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

Humley’s HR Assistant platform is available on demand 24/7 and comes pre-configured with all of the common HR experiences from annual leave requests, to payroll and onboarding  – enabling HR Teams to automate 80% of typical HR requests resulting in an average 30% time saving, whilst still providing a personalised and natural experience for employees.

This in combination with, Humley’s application of best of breed Intelligent Automation technologies, including Natural Language Processing, AI and Machine Learning and automated no code set up means customers can deploy a use case in less than 60 minutes.

Features include:

  1. Control RPA bots through an automated conversational interface
  2. Leverage existing RPA bots that you have deployed
  3. Trigger RPA bots to perform specific mundane tasks though conversation without routing them to a HR agent.
  4. Intent Management
  5. Structured and unstructured conversation using intents and flow
  6. Automated Training Material Generation
  7. Entity Management with pre-built entities
  8. Variable creation and reuse throughout conversation
  9. API Integration via REST and pre-built templates
  10. Analytics and easy insight into conversational assistant usage.
  11. Task Management
  12. Regression Testing
  13. Easy channel deployment via voice and text

3rd party technology integrations include: SAP, Oracle, WorkDay, Sage, Zoho, Bamboo HR and many more ...

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- Increased HR team productivity 

– average 30% time saving  

- 80% of typical HR Requests automated  

- Out of the box HR interactions – ready to deploy or customise 

- Improved employee satisfaction  

- Fast and automatic setup  

- Configured and owned by subject matter experts 

 - Ease of integration with UiPath bots and existing communication channels 

 - Visibility of data and instant insight into employee interactions 

- Multichannel Support  - 13 Languages supported and growing

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November 17, 2023

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