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IKAVA DataService - Including MongoDB Connectors

IKAVA DataService - Including MongoDB Connectors




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The IKAVA DataService is combining the advantages of object-oriented programming with the power of RPA. This On-Prem DataService uses MongoDB to persist your data on your own systems.



How to Download?

The Community Version can be downloaded from here:

For a Trial Version with extended functionality, just click "Request a Quote" and send us your preferred start date.

Trial versions are usually valid for a three months period.

Why Ikava DataService?

Working with structured datatypes is state-of-the art.

And experience with our customers has shown that they always want to persist their data on their own systems.

The reasons for this are complex, but the most commonly cited reasons are: practical data governance, data security, speed, avoidance of data protection legal issues, and greater flexibility in data management.

The Solution!

Our solution has been developed from experience and proven in practice. The DataService, as well as several predecessors of it, are in daily use at all our customers for the last years.

For this purpose we provide you with the DataService, a stable, finely tuned and well-rounded out-of-the-box solution.

The IKAVA DataService offers an integrated and cost-efficient on-premise DataService solution that also provides additional useful features, like the creation of dynamic lists within a structured data type, which is frequently used by our customers.

Of course, we offer support and are happy to receive suggestions for improvement to make our good product even better.

How does it work?

To persist the data, the IKAVA DataService uses the free document-oriented NoSQL database management system MongoDB, which can be intuitively set up within minutes.

By default, the IKAVA DataService is designed to immediately harmonize with the basic settings of MongoDB and can therefore be used from the very first moment.

Why MongoDB?

MongoDB offers the advantage over other databases that the structure of each object is clearly visible, which makes debugging much easier.

There are many different GUIs for MongoDB, and the community is always actively working on further developments to modify and analyze data sets even better.

Furthermore, MongoDB offers the possibility to be set up as a scalable cluster database to increase redundancy and thus data availability.

In addition, the performance of the database is always excellent, even on an average computer, according to our experience and the experience of our customers.

The role UiPath Studio plays:

The IKAVA DataService can be used in UiPath Studio to generate custom designed datatypes (called «Entities») via the activity «Configuration».

After generating «Entities», all other activities in UiPath Studio can use «Entities» as datatypes.

The Package also provides additional activities specifically designed for these user generated «Entity» Datatypes, e.g. to upload and download data to MongoDB.



Includes a powerfull and easy-to-use GUI to manage and build your own Data Structures, which can then be used in your automation runtime with the following activities:

  • Create Entity
  • Add Entity to List
  • Create Entity List
  • Delete entity from list by ID
  • Create Entity Record
  • Delete Entity Record by ID
  • Get Entity Record by ID
  • Update Entity Record
  • Create Entity Record List
  • Delete Entity Record List
  • Get Entity Record List

Additional Information

Additional Information


The minimum requirement is the installation of a MongoDB-Service, installed with the default settings. The package works with "Windows" and "Windows-Legacy" project settings.



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August 7, 2023


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