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Immunization Record & Document Upload in EPIC/HR

Immunization Record & Document Upload in EPIC/HR

by Element Blue



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Integration with the EPIC system or other HR and management systems to upload documents such as immunization records, payer cards, and drivers licenses using UiPath and the Druid chatbot platform.



Healthcare Challenge 

In today’s fast evolving healthcare landscape, patients need easy portability of their immunization and personal information. In turn, employees need to confirm that they are up to date with the immunizations required for their roles. The time it takes to manually update a patient or employee record may decrease operational efficiency, clinical outcomes, and patient satisfaction. Patients are looking for innovative evaluation services and educational support to successfully make an appointment. Providers need clear record-keeping and understanding of the patient's history. Employers must maintain compliance standards specific to their industry. 

Element Blue Solution 

Element Blue, a leader in intelligent automation, digital experience, and data analytics has created an integration with the EPIC Electronic Medical Record system (as well as other HR and management systems) to upload documents such as immunization records, payer cards, and driver’s licenses using the Druid chatbot platform and UiPath robotic process automation. Users can update or add to a patient or employee record and receive verification of documentation. This greatly saves their time and allows them to focus on other important projects. 

The solution employs a turnkey approach to help health systems quickly install and deploy it in their environments or ours. It also produces analytics that aid in the identification and review of trends in patient compliance. Intelligent automation supplies healthcare providers with tools to deliver a premier customer experience while saving time and controlling costs.



  • Allows patients to upload documents prior to a visit.  
  • Helps human resources and other departments maintain records in accordance with compliance directives. 
  • Reduces staff time associated with document verification.

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May 4, 2022


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