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Implementation Services for Order Processing

Implementation Services for Order Processing

by SphereGen Technologies LLC



Order process optimization is key to customer satisfaction, regulating revenue cycles, and growing business. SphereGen has had great success helping clients optimize their order processing through data standardization and error reduction. Using RPA and custom services, we can help you improve your order cycle.

· Process Orders More Quickly with Fewer Errors

o Optimize processes by standardizing data feeds from multiple order formats (such as OCR).

o Decrease manual data entry, which reduces error, improving regulatory compliance.

o Improve analysis and reporting due to standardized, clean data.

· Simplify Sales Lead/Deal Cycle

o Automate the collection of external data needed to assemble Deal and Order components.

o Save person-hours of research and translation work.

· Improve Exception Resolution and Volume Scaling

o React to order volume fluctuations by automatically adjusting robot processing to address swings in order volumes.

o Staff can focus on resolving order exceptions instead of shifting for extra order processing.

Manufacturing Expertise

Our experience in the Manufacturing realm includes integrating multiple systems to facilitate the data exchange of vendor and customer transactions. This includes:

• ERP interface

• Legacy system Migration and Integration

• Salesforce interface

UiPath Advantage

As a UiPath Silver partner, we help customers accomplish their automation goals using the following UiPath tools:

  • UiPath Studio
  • Build automated workflows which are actionable through Attended and Unattended bots
  • UiPath Orchestrator
  • Install, configure, and migrate (if needed) Orchestrator from on-prem to cloud
  • UiPath Document Understanding
  • Use Machine Learning to integrate data from forms by “training” the process to recognize document data placement
  • UiPath Computer Vision
  • Build automations leveraging Computer Vision to interact with VDI applications
  • UiPath Automation Hub
  • Implement Automation Hub to guide and support Customer COEs in managing automation pipelines, facilitating candidate approval, and calculating ROI

Skills / Expertise

Skills / Expertise

Overall Development and UiPath expertise includes:

• Full-stack development

• Silver UiPath Partner

• UiPath Certifications for all Technology levels – Solution Architect, Developers, BA, Infrastructure, Testing

• Development on all UiPath products related to Discovery, Automation and Operations including Document Understanding, Task/Process Mining, Automation Hub, Data Services, Machine Learning and AI Skills and packages

• COE Implementation


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SphereGen supports all custom work according to the contractual statement of work agreed upon between SphereGen, and its customers.


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