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Incident Management App Template for ServiceNow

Incident Management App Template for ServiceNow

by UiPath



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Use your ServiceNow data to analyze your Incident Management process.



UiPath Process Mining

UiPath Process Mining offers ready-to-use app templates for multiple processes and source systems, serving as an excellent starting point for creating your own process apps. By leveraging the digital footprints left within your systems and applications, Process Mining provides a comprehensive view of your processes, leaving no detail unnoticed. These out-of-the-box (OOB) Process Mining app templates can be customized to align with your specific business needs. Once customized, they can be published alongside dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs), enabling business users to monitor and analyze processes in meticulous detail.

The Incident Asset Management Process

The Incident Management process encompasses the entire lifecycle of an incident, starting from its initial opening and concluding with its resolution and closure. Additional steps include assigning incidents to the appropriate teams and users, working on and resolving incidents. Incidents may be placed in a pending status, often indicating the need for further information to resolve the issue. Throughout the process, reassignments to different teams and users may occur. These reassignments could be necessitated by factors such as incorrect initial assignments, the need for expertise from multiple users/teams during resolution, or other specific requirements.

Utilizing the , you can extract raw input data from for the ServiceNow Incident Management process. This data can be extracted and loaded into either Snowflake or SQL Server using CData Sync. The raw input data then undergoes a series of transformations facilitated by dbt (data build tool) to produce the required input data used in Process Mining process apps.

ServiceNow is a robust and versatile cloud-based platform that offers a wide array of enterprise-level services for managing and automating various aspects of business operations, including:

  • IT Service Management: provides comprehensive solutions for managing IT services, including incident management, problem management, change management, and more.
  • Automation and Workflow Management: With ServiceNow, you can automate and streamline workflows, enabling efficient task management and reducing manual effort.
  • Integration and Orchestration Capabilities: ServiceNow integrates seamlessly with other systems and tools, allowing for smooth data exchange and orchestration of business processes.
  • Reporting and Analytics: ServiceNow offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities, empowering organizations to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.



The Incident Management for ServiceNow app template provides the following capabilities:

  • Monitoring multiple levels and categories of SLA compliance: With this app template, you can easily monitor and track the compliance of service level agreements (SLAs) across various levels and categories. This allows you to ensure that incidents are resolved within the specified timeframes and meet the defined service standards.
  • Identifying processes that do not follow the correct path: The app template helps in identifying incidents or processes that deviate from the intended path or workflow. By detecting such deviations, you can proactively address them, ensuring that incidents are handled efficiently and in accordance with the predefined processes.
  • Tracking the average resolution time of incidents: The app template provides the ability to track and analyze the average time taken to resolve incidents. This valuable metric allows you to identify bottlenecks, optimize workflows, and improve the overall incident resolution process, leading to enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Identifying top service agents: With the Incident Management for ServiceNow app template, you can identify and recognize the top-performing service agents based on various performance metrics. This enables you to acknowledge and reward high-performing agents, while also identifying areas where additional training or support may be required.

By leveraging these features, the Incident Management for ServiceNow app template empowers you to enhance the incident management process, improve service quality, and ensure a smooth and efficient resolution of incidents within your ServiceNow environment.

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