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IntelliDockers - URL Web Scrapper

IntelliDockers - URL Web Scrapper

by Zetta Cloud






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Extracts just the relevant text out of a given online news or blog article.



The engine will extract only the relevant text of a given article, leaving behind the ads, comments or other information it may find on the referred URL page. This ML model is language independent.

IntelliDockers are Self-Contained Content Analytics Engines for Secure Data Processing. Deploy IntelliDockers on your own infrastructure and extract valuable information from content in a secure and highly scalable way. The engine's processing technology is based on Deep Learning and Neural Networks AI.


(Input) ArticleURL: The URL address of the article for which the relevant text is required.

(Options) Demo: True or False; If set to True then the Demo (in the cloud) version of the IntelliDockers will be used with a limit of 100 calls / month. Otherwise, you need to run your own IntelliDocker on-premises and set the URI and Port options before being able to use this Custom Activity.

(Options) URI: If Demo is set to False then you need to specify the URI where your IntelliDocker is running.

(Options) Port: If Demo is set to False then you need to specify the port where your IntelliDocker is listening. By default IntelliDockers are listening on port 8989.

(Output) JsonResult: This is the result string as JSON.

Obtaining a Production License:

To run "IntelliDockers" Docker container in production mode, please follow these steps:

  1. Check the available pricing plans at https://www.intellidockers.com/index.html#pricing
  2. Contact IntelliDockers sales at https://www.intellidockers.com/index.html#contact and obtain a license.
  3. Obtain the Docker engine. IntelliDockers are publicly available on hub.docker.com. After receiving the license as part of the docker-compose.yml file, you need to put your license file into a folder.
  4. Run your IntelliDocker. Open your preferred command prompt on your computer and run >docker-compose up. Your IntelliDocker will get started and it will give you your localhost URL where you cand access its UI interface.
  5. First time you start your IntelliDocker, it will need to access the Internet just once to get the docker image from hub.docker.com. Afterwards the Internet connection is not needed anymore. None of your data leaves your isolated environment.



IntelliDockers are Self-Contained Text Analytics Engines for Secure Data Processing: • Work offline and on your hardware. • Pre-trained Engines to understand a wide variety of content. • (Very) easy to use and integrate. • Multilanguage processing capabilities.

Additional Information

Additional Information


A valid production license for IntelliDockers is required.

Code Language

C#, Visual Basic


Windows Legacy (.Net Framework 4.6.1)


Zetta Cloud

Visit publisher's page

License & Privacy


Privacy Terms





Mar 22, 2021

Works with

Studio: 19.10 - 22.10


Silver Certified



Phone: +40 723 175 635

Email: contact@zettacloud.ro

Link: https://www.intellidockers.com/index.html#contact

Standard Support, see your Service Agreement.


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