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This capability is now available as an official part of the UiPath platform.

As a replacement for the OpenAIConnection Scope, we strongly recommend you use the Integration Service Connector, see the official documentation page for details.

As a replacement for Ask GPT activity, you can now use the Generative extractor through the Extract Document Data activity as part of the DocumentUnderstanding.Activities package available for Cross Platform Projects in Studio and Studio Web.

For those using Windows Projects in studio, we will also release Generative Extractor as part of the DocumentUnderstanding.ML.Activities during the month of September 2023. Please monitor the Release Notes page for this package.

Good Practice in formulating questions

For best results, it is critical to phrase your questions as explicitly and unambiguously as possible. For example, instead of "What type of agreement is this?" you will get much better results with a question like: "Is this document a Non Disclosure Agreement? Yes or no."

Or if you expect an answer from a specific list of options, provide the list, and do not forget to include an "Other" option. "What currency is this financial document denominated in? Options: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, Other. "

Also, GPT will perform much better if you break down a question into steps like: "Find Termination Clause, then determine termination for cause cure/remediation period, then return period, in days, as a number. "

Keep in mind you can ask multiple questions at the same time, and it is often preferable to ask multiple simple Yes/No questions rather than one more complicated question with many possible answers.

Also, GPT is not good at explicit logic or mathematical operations. So if you need to find whether the amount of a contract is over 1 million dolars, then instead of asking "Is this contract over 1 million dollars? Yes or no." you will get much better results if you ask " What is the amount of this contract, in dollars, as a number?" and then do the comparison to determine whether amount is over 1 million or not, as a separate operation in your workflow.

Data security

The Ask GPT activity uses a GPT resource in Microsoft Azure which is the gold standard in enterprise readiness, and data privacy and security compliance. This activity does NOT send data to OpenAI or OpenAI services.

The OpenAIConnectionScope activity uses the OpenAI APIs, and requires you/the user to have an active subscription to OpenAI services and a valid API Key obtained from your OpenAI account. This activity sends data to OpenAI services.

Support and Recommended Usage

The GPT Activities package is not officially supported part of the UiPath platform. It is intended to be used for non-prod scenarios like demos, PoCs, pilot projects in order to help your customers become familiar with this revolutionary new AI technology and its capabilities and limitations.

The Document Undertanding Product team is working to integrate a similar capabilities into the official Document Understanding product by end of June 2023.



Ask GPT: Extract data and insights from unstructured documents using GPT in Azure. No Prompt Engineering required, just ask your questions and get answers.

OpenAIConnection Scope: Provide an arbitrary Prompt and experiment with GPT on OpenAI services.

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Additional Information


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Visual Basic


Windows (.Net 5.0 or higher)


Internal Labs

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Sep 6, 2023

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Studio: 22.10+


Silver Certified


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