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Kanverse Intelligent Document Processing

Kanverse Intelligent Document Processing

by Kanverse.ai



Partner Solution

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Kanverse IDP connector for UiPath helps developers to connect Kanverse into the UiPath automation process flow.​



The connector helps UiPath bot and workflow developers to take full advantage of Kanverse's powerful multi-stage AI engine for automated classification, cognitive data extraction, and business rule framework for validation. ​

Kanverse brings the following capabilities to the UiPath process flow:​

  • Auto-classification to determine the type of ingested documents automatically.​
  • Multistage AI engine for cognitive data extraction with 99.5% extraction accuracy​.
  • Business rule framework for validation​.
  • User Interface for data validation, error corrections and collaboration.​

Kanverse returns the classification and data extraction results into the UiPath workflow and provides access to the Kanverse user interface (web based) for data validation and collaboration.



Kanverse IDP:

  • reduces document processing cycle time from days to seconds;
  • optimizes operations cost by up to 80%;
  • prevents fraud;
  • eliminates manual entry to deliver a zero-touch experience with up to 99.5% processing accuracy.


Kanverse validates the extracted data with business logic to ensure it is sane before it enters your system of records and offers domain based pre-trained models and various use cases across AP Invoice Automation and Insurance Document Processing.

Additional Information

Additional Information


▪ Kanverse Subscription: you will need Kanverse subscription. After subscription, you will be provided API keys, endpoints, Subscriber ID to interact with UiPath. ▪ UiPath Studio: if you don’t have UiPath Studio installed on your computer, you can use the community version for testing purposes. Download here - https://www.uipath.com/developers/community-edition-download.



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May 10, 2022


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Phone: +1 (408) 899-7200

Email: support@kanverse.ai

Link: https://support.kanverse.ai/

Priority: Urgent, Response time: 4hrs, Resolution time: 8 hrs, Operation Hours: IST Business Hours Priority: High, Response time: 6hrs, Resolution time: 12 hrs, Operation Hours: IST Business Hours Priority: Medium, Response time: 1 day, Resolution time: 5 days, Operation Hours: IST Business Hours Priority: Low, Response time: 2 days, Resolution time: 8 days, Operation Hours: IST Business Hours


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