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Lead to Cash App Template for Salesforce

Lead to Cash App Template for Salesforce

by UiPath


Process Mining App Template






UiPath Process Mining

UiPath Process Mining offers out-of-the-box app templates for various processes and source systems, serving as an excellent starting point for creating customized process apps. Process Mining utilizes the digital footprints left in your systems and applications to provide a comprehensive view of your processes, capturing every single detail. You have the flexibility to customize these OOB Process Mining app templates according to your business needs and publish them with a set of dashboards and KPIs for effective monitoring and analysis.

The Lead-to-Cash process

The Lead-to-Cash process is an end-to-end workflow that begins with a potential customer's intent to purchase a product. Once a sales rep finalizes a quote and places an order within Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Billing takes over the order record for invoicing and payment.

With the Salesforce Lead-to-Cash app template, you can load raw input data from Salesforce Sales Cloud using the CPQ and Billing package, which can be extracted to either Snowflake or SQL Server using CData Sync. The raw input data undergoes a series of transformations via dbt (data build tool) to produce the required input data for Process Mining process apps.

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM platform that helps businesses manage sales, marketing, customer service, and more. The benefits of utilizing Salesforce include:
  • Centralized customer data: Salesforce enables businesses to store customer-related information in a centralized location for easy access and management.
  • Automation of sales and marketing processes: Salesforce automates sales and marketing processes, streamlining workflows and improving efficiency.
  • Improved collaboration and communication, customization, and scalability: Salesforce fosters better collaboration and communication among team members, while offering customization and scalability options to adapt to evolving business needs.
  • Enhanced customer service: Salesforce empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer service through effective case management and swift issue resolution.
  • Analytics and insights: Salesforce provides robust analytical capabilities, enabling businesses to derive valuable insights from their data and make informed decisions.
  • Robust integration ecosystem: Salesforce offers a wide range of integration options, seamlessly connecting with other business systems and tools.
By implementing UiPath Process Mining and utilizing the Salesforce Lead-to-Cash app template, businesses can optimize their processes, enhance operational efficiency, and drive sustainable growth.



  • Unlock complete transparency over Lead to Cash processes on Salesforce: Gain full visibility into your Lead to Cash processes within Salesforce, allowing you to track and monitor every step of the workflow.
  • Discover potential process improvement opportunities to achieve maximum efficiency: Analyze your Lead to Cash processes to identify areas where improvements can be made, optimizing the efficiency of your operations.
  • Identify the best areas for automation that will deliver the most results: Pinpoint the processes within Lead to Cash that are prime candidates for automation, enabling you to streamline operations and drive productivity.
  • Continuously monitor your Lead to Cash process to drive business impact: Set up ongoing monitoring and analysis of your Lead to Cash process, ensuring that any bottlenecks or issues are promptly identified and addressed, leading to measurable business impact.



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Nov 16, 2023

Works with

Process Mining: 22.10+


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