Managed Services for UiPath

Managed Services for UiPath

by Smartbridge



Monitor and manage your robotic process automation bots and the underlying UiPath platform to maintain a stable system environment and address any technical issues as they arise.

If you're a UiPath customer, you're likely using the RPA platform as a prominent automation tool in your digital transformation journey. Any reason why your bots aren’t running at optimal performance could have a detrimental impact to the success of your journey.

Smartbridge’s 20 years of experience in managed services for core business systems is the expertise you need to maintain a healthy environment, regardless of whether or not Smartbridge developed and deployed the bots.

Maintenance and Support services provided through a Smartbridge Managed Services contract consist of a scope of work, deliverables and staffing that fits your unique needs.

A sampling of the scope of work includes:

  • Monitor and manage bots currently deployed in production and planned upcoming deployments that perform critical business functions. Proactively to maintain their uninterrupted operation.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving incidents
  • User management related to automated processes
  • Automation support reporting
  • Minor code changes to fix production issues
  • Bot deployment to production
  • Provide knowledge transfer to internal teams

Smartbridge will provide managed services support during standard coverage windows as agreed upon. The service windows (day of week and time of day) will be defined for coverage types of Emergency/Critical Support, Normal Support, Scheduled Activities, and Overnight Monitoring.

Staffing can be comprised of a mix of onshore and offshore support, with team leads and a US-based account manager.

Request a meeting to customize your specific managed services needs!

Skills / Expertise

Skills / Expertise

Smartbridge is a UiPath Certified Professional Services Certification (USN) partner.

We provide managed services to companies mid-to-enterprise sized, and all across the US. Our UiPath professional services are complimented by our full range of services, including data, analytics, systems integration and modernization, AI & ML.



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June 28, 2023


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