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Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

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Microsoft Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based service that offers identity and access management capabilities, allowing organizations to efficiently manage important operations related to user and group management, lifecycle policies, and directory roles. This service facilitates employee access to various external resources, including Microsoft 365, Azure portal, and thousands of SaaS applications, as well as internal resources such as corporate intranet network applications and cloud apps developed for the organization.

To automate processes using this service, establishing a connection with your Microsoft Azure Active Directory instance is necessary. You can follow the step-by-step instructions available in the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Authentication page for this purpose.

You can still utilize the connection to enable Microsoft Azure Active Directory activities in UiPath Studio. This will allow you to build automations that can interact with your Microsoft Azure Active Directory data.

The UiPath connector for Microsoft Azure Active Directory is compatible with REST API v1. You can learn more about this API from Microsoft's official documentation, including the Microsoft Graph REST API v1.0 endpoint reference and the resources available for Working with Azure Active Directory in Microsoft Graph.

At the moment, the connector does not support events.



One of the main benefits of Azure AD is that it allows organizations to centralize identity management. Instead of maintaining separate user accounts and credentials for each resource, users can use a single set of credentials to access all of the resources that they are authorized to use. This simplifies the user experience and reduces the burden on IT staff who would otherwise need to manage multiple sets of credentials.

Azure AD also provides a variety of tools for managing user and group access to resources. This includes lifecycle policies that can automatically provision or de-provision access as users join or leave the organization, as well as role-based access control (RBAC) that allows organizations to define granular access controls based on a user's job function or responsibilities.

Another key feature of Azure AD is its integration with thousands of SaaS applications, including popular services such as Salesforce, Dropbox, and Box. This integration allows users to access these services with their Azure AD credentials, making it easy to manage user access and authentication across multiple applications.



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Sep 6, 2023


Microsoft Azure
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Microsoft Active Directory



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