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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

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Official UiPath activities for Azure cloud resources provisioning, configuration and management: virtual machines, storage, networking, security.



Introduction to Microsoft Azure Activities for IT Automation

Microsoft Azure Activities provide IT departments with a robust solution to seamlessly automate essential Azure operations within their workflows. These activities empower IT professionals to efficiently manage various Azure components, including Resource Groups, Storage Accounts, Blob Containers, Blobs, Tables, Network Security Groups, Network Interfaces, and Security Center Alerts.

Core Activities in the Microsoft Azure Activities Package

Azure cloud official activities contains:

Azure Scope – Connects to Azure & provides a scope for other Azure activities

Key Vaults

  • Get Secrets
  • Delete Secret

Networking \ Network Interfaces

  • Create | Get | Delete Network Interface
  • Get VM Network Interface List
  • Get NSG Network Interface List
  • For Each Network Interface
  • Create | Delete IP Configuration

Networking \ NSGs

  • Create | Get | Delete NSG
  • For Each NSG
  • Get VM NSG List

Networking \ NSGs \ Security Rules

  • Create | Get | Delete Security Rule
  • Get Security Rule List

Resource Groups

  • Create | Get | Delete Resource Group
  • Get Resource Group List

Security \ Alerts

  • Get Security Alert
  • For Each Security Alert
  • Set Security Alert State

Storage \ Storage Accounts

  • Create | Get | Delete Storage Account
  • Get Storage Account List
  • Get Storage Account Key
  • Regenerate Storage Account Key

Storage \ Blob Containers

  • Create | Get | Delete Blob Container
  • Get Blob Container List
  • For Each Blob Container
  • Get | Copy | Delete Blob
  • Get Blob List
  • For Each Blob in Container
  • Upload Blob from File
  • Append to Blob
  • Download Blob to File
  • Set Blob Tier

Storage \ Tables

  • Create | Get | Delete Table
  • Get Table List
  • Insert Rows
  • Get Row
  • Delete Rows
  • Get Rows by Filter
  • For Each Row In Table

VMs \ Disks

  • Attach | Detach VM Data Disk
  • Get VM Disk List
  • Get Disk List
  • Get Disk


  • Create | Get | Start | Stop | Shutdown | Restart | Delete VM
  • Get VM List
  • Get VM Custom Image List
  • Get VM Custom Image
  • Get VM Image by Publisher
  • Get RDP Files
  • Configure Robot
  • Run Script in VM

Workflow Samples:



Features and Benefits of Microsoft Azure Activities

By incorporating Microsoft Azure Activities into their workflows, IT departments can:

  • automate the creation, modification, and deletion of resource groups, ensuring optimal resource organization and cost-efficiency.
  • enable the automation of storage account provisioning, configuration, and maintenance, ensuring data availability.
  • streamline data storage by automating tasks such as blob container creation, file uploads, and version control.
  • automate data table creation and maintenance, facilitating efficient data organization and retrieval.
  • automate network security rules and configurations to enhance the security and reliability of Azure services.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Microsoft Azure SDK Newtonsoft.Json 10.0.3+ System.Security.Cryptography 4.3+ System.Spatial 5.8.4+



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December 20, 2023

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