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Teams is a collaborative workspace within Microsoft 365/Office 365 that acts as a central hub for workplace conversations, collaborative teamwork, video conferencing, and document sharing, all designed to enhance employee productivity.



Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that serves as a central hub for communication, teamwork, and document sharing within the . This all-in-one platform is designed to enhance employee productivity by streamlining workflows and simplifying processes.

To begin automating processes, you must first establish a secure connection with your Microsoft Teams instance. You can find step-by-step instructions on the .

Once you've established a connection, you can use the in to build custom automations that interact with your Teams data. These activities enable you to execute a variety of operations, including creating, reading, updating, and deleting Microsoft Teams objects.

If you want to learn how to start using your Microsoft Teams integration and the activities included in the Microsoft Teams activity package, you can find more information in the .

The UiPath connector for Microsoft Teams is fully compatible with the .

The Microsoft Teams connector does not support events and is currently in preview.



Microsoft Teams allows users to:

  • communicate through instant messaging, audio / video calls, and team meetings.
  • perform screen sharing, whiteboard sharing, and file sharing, facilitating collaboration on documents.
  • utilize other applications that Teams is integrated with, like , OneNote, and Planner, thus offering easy access to the tools they need to complete their work efficiently and effectively.

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