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Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator

by UiPath







Give your robots the power to translate using Microsoft Translator and simplify detecting languages, translating text, and transliterating text.



Introduction to Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is a cloud-based machine translation service. This platform empowers users to seamlessly integrate multi-language user experiences across more than 70 languages, facilitating efficient text translation. Leveraging advanced neural machine translation technology and complemented by statistical machine translation capabilities, Microsoft Translator stands as a versatile solution for language-related tasks.

Capabilities of Microsoft Translator API

The Microsoft Translator API extends a suite of powerful text and document analysis capabilities to users. This activities package provides you with the following text and document analysis capabilities:

  1. Language Identification: Determine the language of a given piece of text.
  2. Text Translation: Effortlessly translate text from one language to another.
  3. Script Conversion: Convert text in one language from one script to another, enhancing script flexibility.

Getting Started with Microsoft Translator Activities

Before you build your first project, complete the steps in the Setup guide.

The activities included in this package are:

  • Microsoft Translator Scope - Establishes an authenticated connection to your Microsoft Translator instance.
  • Detect Language - Detects the language of the provided text.
  • Translate - Translates the provided text into the required language.
  • Transliterate - Converts text in one language from one script to another script.

Advantages of Microsoft Translator Activities

The main advantages of the activities are:

  • Easily detect text language.
  • Translate text from one language to another.
  • Transliterate text from one script to another (such as from Hanyu to Pinyin).



Applications of the Microsoft Translator Activities Package

The Microsoft Translator activities package offers a range of capabilities that can be applied to various scenarios like:

  • Multilingual Customer Support
  • Global Content Localization
  • Document Translation and Localization

Additional Information

Additional Information


Newtonsoft.JSON >=10.0.3 Microsoft Translator API v3 Microsoft Application Insights >= 2.2.1 Polly >= 5.9.0

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