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Microsoft Computer Vision

Microsoft Computer Vision

by UiPath







Simplify automating processes that use Microsoft Computer Vision by replacing UI operations with background API calls.



Introduction to Microsoft Computer Vision Package

The Microsoft Computer Vision package offers algorithms designed for image processing, delivering comprehensive information in various applications. Its capabilities encompass content analysis, face detection, color estimation, image categorization, and descriptive sentence generation. Moreover, it exhibits intelligent functionality by generating effective image thumbnails for optimal display of large images.

Capabilities of Microsoft Vision Package

The Microsoft Computer Vision package performs metadata analysis on images, catering to diverse use cases across industries and applications.

This UiPath Microsoft Computer Vision package includes the following activities:

  • Microsoft Vision Scope - Handles the connection to the Microsoft Computer Vision API and provides a scope for all Microsoft Vision activities.
  • Analyze Image - Makes a generic image call.
  • Detect Faces - Identifies and retrieves faces inside the image and gives information on the gender and age of the identified persons.
  • Generate Description - Describes, in human-readable language, what is seen in an image.
  • Generate Tags - Generates a list of tags for individual objects found within the specified image.
  • Get Color - Gets the dominant foreground and background colors, a list of dominant colors and specifies whether the image is black and white.
  • Read Handwritten Text - Identifies and reads handwritten text within the image.
  • Read Text - Reads the text from the specified image and gives information on the positioning of the text inside the image.
  • Safe Search - Specifies whether the image contains Adult or Racy content.



Features and Applications of the Microsoft Computer Vision Package

The Microsoft Computer Vision package presents numerous potential applications, catering to diverse needs like:

  1. Generate Tags: Automatically tag images based on a list of over 2000 terms.
  2. Explicit Content Detection: Employ advanced algorithms to detect explicit content, such as adult themes or violence.
  3. Optical Character Recognition: Utilize OCR capabilities to detect and extract text from images, supporting a wide array of languages. The activities also offer automatic language identification.
  4. Face Detection: Leverage face detection algorithms to identify and locate multiple faces within an image. Additionally, obtain information about the age and gender of the identified individuals, enabling detailed demographic analysis.
  5. Description Generation: Harness the power of natural language generation to create comprehensive and human-readable descriptions of image content, facilitating understanding and interpretation.
  6. Get Thumbnail: Optimize image display by cropping it to focus on the most relevant and significant part.
  7. Handwriting Recognition: Enable the recognition and extraction of handwritten text within images.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Newtonsoft.Json 11.0.2 Microsoft.Rest.ClientRuntime.Azure 3.3.15 Microsoft.Rest.ClientRuntime 2.3.13 Microsoft.Azure.CognitiveServices.Vision.ComputerVision 3.2.0



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December 12, 2023

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Microsoft Computer Vision




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