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Microsoft Flow Connector

Microsoft Flow Connector

by Dinesh Balasubramanian






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Integration of UiPath and Microsoft Flow



UiPath is the most popular RPA software in the market. MS Flow is the most popular cloud-based automation tool with tight integration with the Office applications and more than 250 external connectors like LUIS, Azure, Salesforce, Computer vision, ServiceNow, Bitbucket, JIRA, etc.

The integration between these two platforms will open up numerous opportunities to automate processes and eliminate some of the existing limitations. Both are widely used in enterprises to achieve automation goals. This integration will ensure a proper connection to bridge the gaps, push the limits and improve automation.

Orchestrator API and Webhooks are combined with the MS Flow custom connector creation to define and develop triggers and actions for the Custom Connector framework. The New Uipath cloud and API authentication mechanism are used to build the connector.

Triggers added to MS Flow:

  • A job completes successfully;
  • A job fails;
  • A new item added to a queue.

Actions added to MS Flow:

  • Start a job;
  • Add a queue item;
  • Get all releases;
  • Get all processes;
  • Get the job status.

Technical possibilities:

  • Execute UiPath robots based on various triggers available with MS Flow (inbuilt, custom and third party).
  • Examples: Triggers from SharePoint, Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, JIRA, Salesforce, Workday, MS Kaizala, Azure, Slack.
  • Execute workflows on MS Flow platform with triggers from UiPath.
  • Example: Run a skype flow to notify the stakeholders on successful UiPath job completion. Orchestrator webhooks are configured in MS Flow to build a custom connector for UiPath
  • Train the models built-in with AI builder and use the processed data in UiPath jobs.
  • Connect AI services like LUIS, Face API, computer vision with the UiPath workflows through MS Flow.
  • Build PowerApps for Mobile and web to provide an easy user interface to the users to run/monitor the automation.
  • Build Microservices combining MS Flow with UiPath using HTTP request feature of MS Flow

Use Cases

  • Run UiPath job on a file added or modified to SharePoint, Google Drive, OneDrive.
  • Run UiPath job when particular emails are received (e.g. invoices, reports)
  • Process invoices/receipt thru trained models in AI builder and execute UiPath jobs with the extracted data.
  • Execute other onboarding processes when a new employee is added to the workday.
  • Get notified through Skype, MS teams, Slack, SMS, mobile push notifications about UiPath events (job completion, failure, etc.).
  • Create and process surveys.
  • Setup approval flows.



•Provides a easier way to access APIs for all users •Elimination of Polling Mechanism to wait for the inputs to run automation jobs •Push notifications on mobile for Orchestrator events •Microsoft Flow is free with the Office 365 subscriptions and also included with Personal accounts ( •More than 70% organizations use Office 365. This FlowPath connector would help many organizations who look for Innovations and better solutions in RPA •It is a generic, flexible and reusable connector. Anyone can use it in their own way depending on the business process. •Coordinator bots for managing the queues are not required anymore •Take advantage of the Microsoft AI Builder feature to train ML models in processing documents, data classification and Object detection •Effective utilization of the resources that runs only when required •Tight integration into Office 365 platform opens up the possibilities to design better solutions in cloud

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Dinesh Balasubramanian

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February 18, 2020

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Studio: 19.4 - 22.10


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