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Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)

by UiPath








Now robots can use Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)!



Exploring Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) empowers users with the capability to streamline and automate their processes, seamlessly connect cloud and on-premises applications, develop robust web and mobile applications, gather comprehensive business metrics, and obtain real-time analytics.

UiPath's Integrations with Oracle Integration Cloud

UiPath offers two integrations designed to facilitate bidirectional automation between UiPath and OIC: the Oracle Integration Cloud Process Activities Package and the UiPath Connector for Oracle.

Before the scope activity can be used to establish a connection, you must complete the steps outlined in the Setup guide. After you complete the Setup steps, you can begin building your automation projects.

Key Activities Within the Oracle Integration Cloud Package

The package includes the following activities:


  • Oracle Process Scope - Establishes an authenticated connection to your Oracle Integration instance.


  • Get Process Instances - Retrieves all processes that match your specified filter parameters (Assignment Filter, Created After, Priority, Process Name, Updated After).
  • Get Process Instance - Retrieves a specific process (Process Id).
  • Start Process - Starts a specific process (Process) with the specified input/output arguments (Edit Arguments).
  • Update Process Instance State - Suspends, resumes, cancels, or recovers and takes action on faulted instances (Action and Fault Action) of a specific process (Process Id).
  • Add Process Instance Comment - Adds a comment (Comment) to a specified process (Process Id).
  • Get Process Instance Attachments - Retrieves a list of the attachments associated with the specified process (Process Id).



  • Download Attachment - Retrieves a specific attachment (AttachmentURL) and downloads it to a local destination (File Path).



Features of the OIC Process Activities Package

The Oracle Integration Cloud Process Activities package offers a versatile set of functionalities that can be applied to various use cases:

  • Streamlining Approval Workflows - Use the package to automate the approval workflows, fetching tasks, updating task states, and notifying stakeholders.
  • Integrating HR Processes - Implement the integration package to automate HR processes, such as updating employee records, assigning tasks for onboarding, and managing employee-related tasks efficiently.
  • Optimizing Financial Processes - Employ the package to automate financial workflows, retrieving and updating financial process instances, handling attachments, and ensuring timely execution of financial tasks.
  • Improving Incident Management - Use the package to automate incident management processes, retrieving incident-related tasks, updating task states, and managing attachments.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Newtonsoft.JSON >=10.0.3

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